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There are a few things I've observed that others may not have figured out.

Here are two points for today:

Tip #3 "How to See Automatic ReTweets"

Since this was written, Twitter changed their format. Now it is extremely

So here's the latest, go to your @Mentions column. That will be @

If you click the button box "Show mentions only, you will miss automatic RTs.
That's RT where they just hit the RT button." To see see them all, don't click

Tip #4 "How to Get Others to Mention you"

When others mention you, they are promoting you to their followers to that
degree. It is valuable that others promote you if you wish to do much with

I have found that if you mention others, they will mention you.  That is the
simplicity of the matter.
    RT their contents.
    Tell them thank you for mentioning you.
    The more YOU communicate, the more they will communicate with you
    and about you.
    I always try to answer and individual shout out or message of any kind.

There is a law at work here: Out flow=In flow.

Communication out will result in communication in. Blocking your tweets
restricts your communications! See my article:
"Protected Tweets" or
Restricting Your Life.

Do you have ideas or questions for next week? Let me know as I need some

I am growing my following so that I can push forward my plan as outlined in
New Civilization

I hope these tips help.

If you have a question, I can't guarantee I can answer, but ask and let me see
if I can!

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How to Use Twitter (Tips)
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