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This is pretty much a Twitter only article but to a degree it also applies to life.
It applies to how you want to be viewed, how your manners impact others.

On Twitter, you follow people to see what they have to say. Listening to
others is good manners, ignoring others is not.

In life, you talk to those you care to have communication with. You certainly
do not have to communicate to everyone but should not expect them to listen
to you either.

On Twitter, if you follow many,  many will follow you back. This means they
are willing to see what you have to say.

It's like you meet someone new and strike up a conversation. If  you
communicate well, a new friendship has begun. I've made hundreds of good
friends. I consider you one of them.

I've written a relate article which has proven very accurate: “
Following Back"

What About People that Do Not Follow Back?

But this is an article on the other flow. By that, I mean, what about the people
that never follow me back?

So let me set the stage. Twitter is like a time stream. I post and those that
follow me can see what my post, perhaps read my articles or gain information.

When I follow someone, I consider it an action of respect. It is a per-selection
of those I I think I would like to communicate with.

And also somehow that person got my attention.

Following Back

If I follow someone, I expect to be follow back. It's simply good manners. I
follow anyone that is not revolting. See my article “

Okay, lets say I do follow someone and they don't follow back. At some point,
I'm going to unfollow as I don't wish to carry dead wood.

They do not listen to me so why would I continue after a long period to listen
to them? I don't.


I wait ten days before I unfollow people. Then if they announce to the world
“several people unfollowed me today” (names listed), what does that say
about them?

I see this as an action by them attempting to make me and others wrong.

They failed to follow back me and now they're complaining  they've been
unfollowed, dumped, by me and others.

I've adopted the policy anyone that does this, I BLOCK them. Those people
do not have good manners and try to lessen others. I don't need or want
those type people on my Time Line (See my articles
“Instigators” and “Who
Has the RIGHT to INSULT You.

2001/1800 Barrier

There is an exception to this. Followers hit the 2001/1800 barrier sometimes
can't follow back. I'll go out of my way to help them. See  article “

But also they don't go about announcing who unfollowed them!

A side note, who cares who not following me or you? Give me a reasonable
answer if you can.

If they unfollow me, fine. I have no problem with it. Usually when someone
does unfollow me, I've unintentionally pushed their buttons. They often will
tweet me telling me I'm wrong and that they are unfollowing me with the "take
that" look on their face. That's fine, I block them.

Keep it Positive

What is important is WHO YOU are follow
ing and who I'm following. Who I
follow reflects my character and ethics. See “
Profile,” “Following Back” and
Protecting Tweets!”

If you want to look good, announce how many FOLLOWED YOU!  Promote
the positive about you, not the negative!  

One More Situation

There is one other situation that needs to be mentioned.

Because of these predator unfollow monitoring services, if you're suspended,
they notify people you've unfollowed them. So because your suspended,
people start announcing “you unfollowed them” which makes you look bad.
This has happened to me more than once.

The last time Twitter suspended me, wrongly as they quickly reinstated me,
several people announced I had “unfollowed them.” They were wrong. I had
not unfollowed anyone. But the service, they used to check on who was no
longer following them, automatically send out these messages.

When I was reinstated, I pointed out to them I was following them. Most were
apologetic. Some are on my watch list as potential people to block. Related
article "
Suspended! Now What?"

Your Image

It makes them look bad to announce others are unfollowing them. Why would
they do this? They probably would not
but the “Unfollow sites” do it for
them. It makes them look like people are dumping them. Perhaps you can tell
I don't like or respect those services as they profit on the negatives in life.


With that, I believe I've said all that needs to be said.

I promote Twitter to enhance communication across the global.

©2011  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com 9/1/11 edited 101412 111912 091113
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