"Twitter Verse" is a term I invented to describe short verses designed to fit the limited space of 140
characters on
Twitter. Though some times I want to go longer and use TwitLonger. It shortens the message and adds a

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Some times I include the persons Twitter name that I sent the verse to, for example on Twitter, I am @Poet_Carl_Watts. I
hope you enjoy these! (If you ever need the abbreviations translated,
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9/2/11 "4U :-) Twitter is gold, a window 4me n2 ur soul. I C U there, frantically looking everywhere Why Not stepFree
come journey w me"

Here is a morbid
Twitter Verse. Don't read if you're not cheerful, well fed and well rested:

Dark Day End

The bankers et al cast a dark spell over the world...
spayed chemicals to change electrical balance...
like a cancer's rapid insidious growth...
poisoned the ocean and air...
fostering drug addiction...
eliminating health and wealth...
destroying by weather and Earthquakes...
til one day the over cast felling in on them...
the psychs and bankers found themselves in hell...
With no escape, an eternal hell of their own creation

Earth's crust no longer stable
Air no longer breathable
Life no longer sustainable
Even with all the wealth, power
They could not continue living another single hour

But could they come back, start again
No this was their final end
Too much evil to live
Rejected by all life:
The bankers & psychs

Here is a morbid
Twitter Verse. Don't read if you're not cheerful, well fed and well rested:

The Death of the Psychs

They killed, chopped, poisoned and shocked leaving shattered souls, shattered but not gone hanging around, haunting
the psych's office and home.

No mercy. no surcease, could they find, only drugged sleep did the psych have, not sleep, unconsciousness haunted by
horrifying nightmares of electrocutions, butchery, maiming, slow poisons while being numbed by other drugs so as to not
"feel the pain," the unending pain being felt,

a just reward for the profession, reward for shattering lives, shattering souls,

rewards for criminal profits.

rewards drove the profession insane, some psychs worked on their fellows to shatter their horrific lives into worse

still the pain remained...soon the psychs had killed each other off, committed suicide...the suffering didn't end...more and
more insanity.

Surely rebirth will be some relief, a new start. They were afraid even of life as their crimes continued to haunt their
obscenely gross minds. Maybe no rebirth, maybe just hang around a graveyard for eternity, in hell

@the_dude840 All men know what awaits them, but they've chosen to forget, it's hell, no mystical place, Earth will do.
Eternity is not behind you it's in front of you...Eternity in hell on Earth. Remorse no difference with or without.
Responsibility is clue for freedom for you.

For you can be trapped in hell or free to roam, Earth not your only home. Guaranties, there are none, The futures will be
your creations,For your begging, crying, dying, smiling, soaring are all up to you. Forgetting traps. No responsibility,
forgotten, traps.

Guilt is but a trap. You did what you did correctly at the moment, wrong the next. You did you're very best every time as
you saw it to only see it differently looking back. Such is man. Not evil, only irresponsible, trapped. For the traps, the
punishment are the only things that make man appear evil.

Traps, lies, punishments, to control further trap, never let you think you are you, powerful.

All the ability YOU ever had is still yours, forgotten, disbelieved. Remember the dreams of flying, creating something
from nothing...not dreams...

Rise my giant friend, shake off the chains of shadows and darkness, smile at the night, it can't hurt you.

Smile at man, vanquish the shadows for others. You have no real problems but those around you do...Smile for them.

A dog can not be beaten into loyalty, a man not demanded of tribute, admiration comes from being admirable :-)

The spirit's simplicity is so simple, all have forgotten it.

What can harm a spirit? Absolutely noting as he is cause over all. God, yes but no, he, in the likeness of god. And he's
forgotten his likeness....

By choice, he ceased to be cause over matter energy space and time in order to have a game. He decided to battle his
creations and find matter, energy, space and time against him. So he pretends.

Suffering, strife, doubt, regret, secrets are all just meanings he's attached to situations he created to keep the game
interesting. Not the suffering is no less because he created it, it's more because he said it was...

He's the dude......

11/10/10  @the_dude840 I drift high above the ravaged realm, a thought here, a wish there, order return, beauty again in
command. The darkness always yields to the light, I glow on through the night carrying the sign of the future, hope.

Out the corner of my perception I perceive evil slithering away, looking for a place to hide from the light but not the
deepest hold protects them from my glow. They steam and vanish is I go.

How does such powerful evil melt so swiftly under the light? Evil is the addition of pain to the light overwhelming for a
momently only. Light from above and light from below, the evil must go.

When man is cleared of his evil, he is good, he is light, he can rise and carry the glow.....

11/8/10 @the_dude840 You gave your life willingly supporting my rein. The victory was sweet, redden with blood. Your
bravery unquestioned, your destiny already known. Before your bones are gone, you'll be back in my service again
fighting the game beside me.

For I am the immortal and so are you dude!

Even if you cut me down, I rise again. Cut you down, your new form will be here tomorrow.

Such a game, tremendous violence, love, wine, blood, just a normal evening in the neighborhood :-)

11/4/10 @the_dude840

The killer paused a sudden impact from behind, he watched his body fall, a gaping hole in the back of it's head, the body

The shock hit him, no mass, no communication lines. He drifted up through the walls, through the floors....

The radiation belt around earth crackled as he went through, did he do that?

What to do?

Higher and higher he seemed to drift, the earth now a small ball below, silence utter, cold and still...no sound.

Time passed, it must have, the ball below seemed to whirl the killer followed it around the sun

How did it come to be, a killer killed? He thought back, not always a killer, no a kinder gentle man once

He realized he'd adopted the personality of another, the killer wasn't him but the valence of another.

Realizing this, the valence blew, disappeared, he was no longer the dude but himself again...ready for new action...

He found himself in the hospital room in the arms of a beautiful woman.

The woman put him to her breast, he began to feed. This life would be better...stay himself, that was the decision..............

10/10/10 Hey dude, wolves always sing in the northern snow, always hungry, often smiling! Friends to friends foes to
food, life goes on. The northern spirit watches over the wood, all is well, the cycle of life goes on! Morning is dawning...

The amber glow fades and night moves in over the land,
in the distance, a scream of joy, enters the world a new baby boy,
from above a smile descends over the land, life starts again.

Fate ideally watches over man cycling from life to death to life again
from day to night to day.
The game never ends.

Ah but if homo sapiens would look up,
drop the gun, pick up the brush or pen,
create a new lighter happier future.

Shall I intervene,
interfere with the game,
then it wouldn't be a game,
it would be Fate.

I move back leaving my smile for a while,
the new baby boy :-)

As the light fade, I sense evil creeping looking for innocence to violate.
The same endless game, evil trying to crush life to bring it down to it's level of death.
I tire of evil taking unfair advantage, ravishing the ignorant.

Evil so visible, unsuspecting, slithering forward,
harshly I send the wrath of fate down dispersing evil into several galaxies,
not harmed really, death doesn't die but gone for now.

The black magic has been lifted from the land again
for a while until man invites it back!

I'll be watching.

Mortal games in darkness,
broken pieces in a game forgotten,
why spoil their game, let man flail,
broken as he is, throwing bottles to no avail
not lighting the darkness.
Lighting is used by Players,
mere wishes by Makers.
Should I wish for you?
Some light? :-)

10/4/10 2thousanth yr ago a master in servitude ruled n walked the land preforming miracles only now matched by man.
A new religion, daily miracles preformed, private, not announced, not yielding to a cross, saving man, as he walks.......No
darkness more, lite be no whore, shines on you, sleep rest, grow, tomorrow I show U the way as you awaken to the
day...... :-)

9/27/10 Out to the darkness ride @the_dude840 Brilliant R his words sharp his wits directing change from darkness to
the light he rides endlessly

9/23/10 Tho I master, U C me not, quieter than darkness, brighter than light, no motion no travel I'm there everywhere but
U know I C U

9/22/10 ( This one was a bit long. On Twitter you can use
TwitLonger. It shortens the message and adds a URL. The
post came out like this: In the beginning, there was one. Boring, he created another, completely his equal. Boring, each
(cont) http://tl.gd/65hij8 )

In the beginning, there was one.

Boring, he created another, completely his equal.

Boring, each created several others, all equal except each had a different viewpoint of existence.

Boring, one decided to be different. He created the devil, equal to all except different.

Not so boring, and hell was born. Given birth by the same gods that birthed man. Each equal except for different
viewpoints, actions and decisions.

Decisions reduced each god/man down down down.

To play on earth you must be small, be an earthling else there's no game. Crushing the ant hill for the millionth time is

Soon, decisions forgotten, to have a huge game, all the gods, not knowing, became men.  

Not boring, hell to just keep the game going

Rules forgotten, the game forgotten by most.

The game, life, goes on,

Most players broken, no longer players, pieces and yet even the pieces become broken.

Twenty first century man, so dead in his head.

While still a game, no way out., the bane of all gods.

@the_dude840 frozen, insane, punished by self 4crime committed, jailed by shadows ever til he admits, he does, the
shadows vanish, warmth:-)  The response "the_dude840 @Poet_Carl_Watts impressive carl most impressive"

"the void, not unpleasant, boring. Need another 2 create an effect upon, there, another me, but not me, different because
they R there 2C me"

"life's greatest strength is life, it urge 2 survive, the evil steal from that by perverting it, life losing sight, dies the media

"Keeping sight on survival not stopping 2kick the dogs@ the wheels of the ambulance, life drives on 2survival, ignoring
the evil pulling down"

"life is fun pleasure survival laughter fits right n.frowning downing dying follow ea other down Smile force Urself try it Ur
face wont break"

"What happens when the sparrow doesnt fly man dies life goes still? Did bigpharma win did man give up? Life goes on
but n what state? Drugged?"

The bankers finally owned it all! Tho never enough jeered the insane with glee; Insanely decided, let the war begin, rid us
of the peasants, the riffraff, the common man! All rockets went blazing aloft, descending on all cities, rapidly did nuclear
death for all approach...but a calm descended even faster, a voice spoke. None but one nuclear bomb ignited, the one,
misdirected, to the banker's citadel, all bankers were lost, vaporized, man now free from tyranny

The new vaccine, working fast, dead bodies will be dropping shortly chuckled bigPharma 2 emselves, only 6.5billion
more to kill.

He who lights flame controls, he who lights invites vision not darkness. Invites U2 look beyond hate, n2 the beauties of life

Bodies shed like socks from Immortal distances Ea new body filled w desire 2live/survive continues the game eternally

U 2know how unEarthly man is...Demons R mild parasites drawing on his strength/power beyond Earth & Time,
Destroyer of space.

"Problems R valuable else boredom falls, darkside or brightside, the road is only there because U put it there, life never

Thur the glass, unreal broken images radiate, twisting minds with hypnotic design All is not lost, hope abounds, turn off

The_Dude840 is a poet and send me verses. He likes the dark effects, I like the bright, well lighted, effects. Here's my
response to his verse today:

@the_dude840 The immortal lowered his head over the massive number of dead, regretting they didn't know, Free tho
they R now, Fears over loss haunt them briefly as they fled searching for new bodies. Swiftly they forgot the life lost, full of
hope starting over again...The immortal smiled...

Children r peeps, listen2 em, learn, love, U'll b happier. Talk@em-they leave, sad. Grant kids importance, admire their
efforts :-)

@the_dude840 Dogs barking@ firetruck, don't slow down, save the life, Act lively, 2morrow a brighter day4 those that
act 2day, save the life

@the_dude840 U slave, work, push, laugh, Twitter bashes U w/o warning, fires of agony burn while U try 2 detect Ur
error, Social=cooperation  (My verse today is a protest to being cut up without reason and reinstated without reason.
Huge cuts of someones communication lines is cruel and upsetting. Personally, I'm looking for other ways to put out my
comm lines tho Twitter is still the best! Update, late in the day, Twitter reinstated my account. Still do not know why they
suspended it!)

A note just wrote, a father-in-law valued, validated4 another anniversary. A man, his wife, important peeps, Parents,
important2 us all. :-)

Who is not important? Ur friend, mother, child, uncle? Perhaps Ur boss, coworker, nurse,a stranger n strange land who
stopped the attacks...

What is the value of a man? Size of bank acct, home, car, position? What would he b w/o those? Has he helped others
or just taken, criminal?

Should nite fall on man, how will U stand? Guilty of neglect? Of crimes? Helpless victim? U'll b all those if YOU don't act2
stop the apathy

The Expert. Too many know it all, fixed forever, observation blocked by past false data, wrong decisions, profit, position...

But now right over & over & over for man is right even when wrong.

The expert, eyes closed, goes on spreading germs of false data, false data for profit, protecting position.

Always senior to lessor mortals, they look down on us as we look up on them. But not being the expert, we see.

Glossy promo, ads with beautiful peeps. huge profits, don't make false data true but give a false beauty. Ask you doctor,
he knows all, we profit at your suffering, at your taking of poisons recommended by the "expert" blindly spreading germs
of false data, blinded by his past indiscretions, his profits, his position, his bigpharma slanted education.

Step down o little god, open your eyes, feel the walls, see the room, that chair isn't a throne...........

Life is not calm/sadness/laughter/night/sunrise all common 2say n darkness denies the light while inside U shine, hide it
not, b alive

A girl, young always in spirit, is never old, teenager alive, not given in to their bodies, but using them, enjoying life. A girl,
immortally young or old by her decision, her decision creates future, destroys past. Life is in her today and always....
Twitter regarding the above Twitter Verse" @tmahia_ini says "@Poet_Carl_Watts WOW! Loving that poem! x"
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Poet_Carl_Watts by clicking here!

@the_dude840 In the light no shadows of fear no fear of shadows, fears are but a shadow to the immortal who sparks
the light leaving no fear

Expand hugely that the beams & blasts phase thee not, peace resides across my heavens no need 4 faith 4 ur an
Immortal U C :-)

@the_dude840 "life interesting smells,good,bad?only a consideration of Urs. flesh comes&goes I carry own mastered
by none. How smells Ur day?"
"Joy a Ung boy finding lizzard, a Ung girl finding rose. Joy, the boy finding girl. Life is fun, simple, not blizzardous! Recall
the joy! :-)"

Tweet: beneath the flesh exterior an immortal calm resides that creates, enjoys emotions, has no rules
but his own, divinity smiles:-)  

@the_dude840 two
The ashes spread, a life is dead, I rise from the scene, free from restraints, viewing life from a far, I choose to begin
As homo sap, life is transient. As an immortal being, eternity is in front of you, what you do today, you will inherit tomorrow

Nuclear war will ruin Ur day, the road U ride. U will be surprised when U C U still C but the game will B over here 4

I create n my image some1 to play chess with forgot I did it, found myself on earth writing weird poetry, now back 2infinity:

By Carl Watts


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