Why Do I Promote Myself?

Have you ever been to a meeting where the guest speaker was given a great
build up by the host or master of ceremonies? Did the introduction, the initial
praise of the speakers accomplishments, encourage you to listen up?

There are certain of my followers that I routinely praise for their good works,
I've gotten to know them!

I mention their name, give them praise so others might get to know them too!

Who is recommending you? Who is praising your good works to others?

On Twitter or any social network, you need many mentions of respect and
praise to get yourself known.

I'll give you an example, for the last week, I've been asking people to follow
@MaryHWatts. Many have, thank you. You did this based on my
recommendations in many cases. I promoted her so it does work. Those you
recommend, I try to follow though I often can't keep up! If you haven't follow
Mary, please do. In the past there have been time that using her account was
the only way I had to communicate with you! Related article
and Future

How do you do this?

First let me tell you what doesn't get you recommendations or praise:
Ugly or violent profiles. Have you have read someone saying "Wow, what
beautiful bloody profile" Or "You gotta see this ugly person so angry they're
going to pop a blood vessel?"

You might want to read “
Twitter Profiles

Next is your content.

I'm sure you've see people that RT everything especially other people's
mentions. This may or may not be a successful method of getting followers but
it certainly will not get you praise.

You've see people bad mouthing others, degrading them with words, insults
etc. That never gets much recognition from sane people.

You might want to read “
Who Has the Right to Insult You?

Also I wrote an article for Rappers. Though you may not agree, this is my
viewpoint: "
Rapp Music, My Opinions". There are some rappers I will RT as
they make music I appreciate.

I praise contents, re-tweets of my content, and those that say kind things about
me!  Not only do I praise them, I mention them more often. I promote them on
#FollowFriday! You might want to view my page “Successes” for some of the
notable mentions of yours truly!

I RT most links if the contents is acceptable to me.

As I said before, “Life survives best when aiding life in the game of survival”
and “A person is only as valuable (and important) as he serves others!”

You might like to read “
How and Why I Use Twitter” and “New Civilization.”

If you need assistance or have questions, let me know.

Please follow
@MaryHWatts as a back up to my account!

Send me a solo
#FF  :-)

#AwesomeTeam Day2U! :-) #PEACE

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