Unemployment, Solutions For

Today, lack of employment is a problem for many people. Official figures are
slanted to lessen the problem. “Jobs created, jobs saved” are just political
phrases and mostly lies.

The official unemployment figures do not reflect the actual situation. Many
people are no longer being counted!

Yet there still are jobs available. It would appear that the problem is merely
getting the people who are unemployed together with the job opportunities.
Would you say that's correct?

That would be simple. There are many employment agencies that do this for
a fee. There are want ads in papers and on line.

The Basic Problem

Since I am one of those “unemployed.”  What I'm going to say is opinion. This
may not be the case for you or others you know.

I am unwilling to work for wages that are not adequate in my opinion. I don't
like working in a controlled office with a clock in, clock out environment!

There are task I don't want to do. I will not drive very far for work.

Something are just not worth my time. Or another way of putting it, my time is
more valuable to me than their money is.

If you offer me $50.00 per hour, I'd become interested but I would still put
limitations on it. Double that to $100.00 per hour, I'd pretty much take the job
as long as its ethical. No amount of money is worth putting my future at risk
such a crime would do! Today is the first day of eternity and I will be part of
that eternity!

I believe a lot of people are picky just like I am.

I can afford to be picky. My wife works :-) I bring in some income, enough to
survive on pretty routinely.

Unwillingness to work

I believe many people are unwilling to work for many reasons. I gave a few
using myself as an example.

If You Are Unemployed and Want to Work

What do you do? You can't find a job in accounting or film you say?

Are there jobs in related fields even if they pay a lot less? What if you took a
job at minimum wages?

How about going in, telling the potential employer, you'll work for low wages
for a short period of time with the understanding that if they like you, your
work, they will give a good raise in 30 days.

If they are smart, they will do this. The other alternative is they hire someone
more expensive and still end up firing them in a couple weeks. Finding new
people is expensive and time consuming! They can save money on you!

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If you've been unemployed for very long, I have to wonder why.

Do you make lots of mistakes? Are you ill often? Do you use drugs/alcohol

How much time do you miss at work?

What is your attitude about working for someone? Do you CARE and show
that? Do you work with a professional attitude? Do you look out for the

Are You Positive or Negative?

Perhaps, I should ask are you completely apathetic and don't care at all? But
no, if you were, you would not be reading this.

You must still have some hope. That's a good thing!

I rarely ask people to look at themselves. That is introverting and not good for
anyone! So rather, how do others view you? Do they see you as positive or
as negative?

How does an employer view you? Positive and productive is an asset.
Negative and a goof-off, you're a drain or liability!

Do you have the idea that something is "owed" to you even if you don't work
for it? That would make you a drain, a liability! Related article
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I'll help you, but I don't owe you anything. I'll treat you with respect and dignity
because that is the way I operate. But I don't owe anything to anyone.

The government doesn't owe me. You don't owe me. No one owes me
anything (except a few kids of mine owe me some money! :-)

YOU Can Change Yourself!

It's a simple decision. Knock off the crap and look at the flowers!

Some mechanical steps you can take are:

Get enough sleep (excuses do not rest your body)
Look at your nutrition. Are you eating “food” or processed crap? Relative
Health, Attention on Correct Goal.
Your “friends” and family, how do they treat you? Relative article
Drugs/Alcohol can ruin your day and your entire life. You must get those
under control. Related article
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If you can't control things, let me know. I can advise you on simple things that
can help.

Magic, not! But things that work if you're willing to change.

What Else?

So you can't find work! What are you doing? Are you volunteering at  your
church or community center? Or are you vegetating in front of someone's
television? You are not out helping others? Are you sitting around feeling
sorry for yourself? You will never "find work" doing that!

Its my unkind opinion that if you're not being productive, helping people,
you're borderline criminal. You're consuming without creating any exchange.
Mom and Dad will get tired of this, your friends will tire much faster!

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So get busy! There is really no excuse!  If you think you have a valid excuse
for doing NOTHING, let me know! Naw, you'll never do that, because I can
shoot holes in your excuses.

So GET BUSY! Mankind need you to be productive! I can help!
Let me know!

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What are YOU doing to Handle Your Idleness?

It's difficult to help people that aren't willing to take responsibility. So I have to
ask, what are you doing to get work?

What actions have you taken to make yourself known? What are you doing to
promote your abilities?

Yes, you do have abilities. You are able, creative and productive else you
would not be reading this! See relative article
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Should you be curious, I have listed various other point that you may find of
interest. They may or may not be directly related to this or other articles
beyond survival of humanity and the rights of men and women.

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