The Universe is My Canvas

The Universe should be a fun area for me.

But daily it assaults me and thee.

I extend space, time, energy, a place to play for free
A galaxy wide playing field free, for you and me.

In the universe, an evil is there, it’s everywhere!
The evil universe assaults, bringing decay and wear.

It wants you to fight and fight you do with all your might.

It’s flows tremendous both dark and light,

From a universe seemingly too big to fight.

So to bed we go too exhausted, too tired to fight.

But as I look, I am creating the flows and walls and floor
What happened that the universe could close the door?

The door, the floor, riches, all I create, still I’m poor!
How did it come to this, the universe a closed door?

What’s the secret, what’s the answer to be free?

No! I look at my own stated words, no force purer

I create it all. It’s my space, time, energy, none truer!

On automatic, it’s been, all responsibility I abdicate

I awaken and the universe is My canvas! On it, I create!

Forever, my job, Master of the canvas, mine to create

From this point forth, by decree,
The Universe is therapeutic for you and me

To play, create, evil no more, be free!

So will your join me, decline no more by our decree

Move up, play, create and be free!

Carl Watts


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