The Universe on Edge

I was sitting one day thinking about what was around me.

I knew that science has said the universe is very big and very old. Science thinks that life started in
the mud or was it the big bang. Well, I was sure that they knew. They always had the answer for

Why just recently, they discovered that the earth was not flat. Any way, they always know they are

But my thought was that I am more than mud. I also felt that I was more than just a product of my

I wondered what would happen if I took the universe and turned it on edge. It is like a page of paper,
flat. It is easy to see. On edge, it seems to disappear!

I took the space outside the window and turned it on edge. Sure enough, it disappeared.

In less than a heart beat, I turned it back. Whew, that was close!

While I didn’t know whose space I had made disappear, I didn’t want to upset anyone. So I put it back.

I have always felt you should respect the property of others.

But it started me to wondering again.

Did I put the space back exactly as it was in the exact same place? Was it the same space or was it
new space which looked the same?

I guess I will never know. Last week I turned it all on edge and left it that way.

Oh don’t worry or be concerned, I have started creating new space. It is all mine. The planet you are
on, the sun and stars are all mine.

Am I part of your imagination or you part of mine? Did I fall asleep or did you?

By the way, please don’t turn this universe on edge.

It is new and I am not quite finished with some of the flowers. There are so many colors and shapes
to choose and create. The rainbow, the colors of the sunset, I have just a few more things to do
before I am done.

If you like, create your own. It is easy. Just a point here and there and fill in the middle. Try it. :-)

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Written C1985, edited 11/21/08, 6/9/12
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