Untying of Attention Units

I look around the small house,
Being compressed make me feel like a louse.
Another child is soon due
Oh my, not enough space, what will I do?

I look and see a lack of space
My attention keeps sticking to my face.
More than just a glance and I see,
books piled in the corner looking back at me.

pergola outback once stood proud
Now it sags with age and cries out loud.
One light flickers, the faucet drips, the door is loose.
Another day gone, my wife’s going to put my head in a noose.

So my wife makes a list,
It’s called a honey-do-list.

I have to choose using my time to build an
Repair the pergola or just fix the dam light apparition.
Time goes on and to these I’ve stuck
If only a way to call someone like Friar Tuck!

He’d call in the
merry Boys, the completion bell would be rung.
Because his team just handled all I hadn’t even begun.
My wife wouldn’t love me more,
But she’d display that affinity I adore.

So the moral of this, poem, don’t put off what you need to do
Friar Tuck! Or call Carl, I’ll ease the pressure off you!
Or just get the list competed
Before you spouse has you deleted!

Wishing you a brilliant future with all your attention units free to create!

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©2008 Carl Watts


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Outside shade structure, a pergula in Burbank, CA
View from Darrins finished downstairs addition done by WSI
Custom Bookshelves  View from addition     Pergola in Burbank     Custom made sink
Mitch's custom made outdoor marble top with Mexican sink and custom cupper faucets
Custom Shelving done for Larry by Watts Specialties
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