In my opinion, people feel sympathy as they are not willing to confront the fact the “homeless” are
almost 100% drug and or alcohol abusers.

They are homeless as they have burned all their bridges to friends and family in favor of their

It is my opinion most of these people made the mistake of trusting some medical person who got them
on drugs. Ritalin as a child, heroin as an adult or any number of addictive psych drugs started their
decline. Of course there was always the not so “harmless” marijuana to open the doors to stronger and
stronger drugs.

The bulk of “the homeless” are criminals and they are all victims of their own choices.

No matter what you feel their responsibility for their condition is, their existence is visual pollution. It's a
very ugly situation and to drive through their “tent cities” is dangerous. I know, I've done it and it's not
safe as they are generally insane and therefore not predictable.


Trash is thrown almost everywhere. The homeless are noted for the amounts of trash they generate.

Abandoned cars are trash. Leave a car long and soon all the windows are broken. Visual pollution
breeds more pollution.

Notice after many events and after all “protest,” the amount of trash left behind by irresponsible people.
I don't throw my trash down in theaters, stadiums, or on the street!

Television and the News Media

I'm adding this section following the section on trash as I believe there is a flow here. Much of the
media, many shows, have picked up trash and are using it to upset the environment.

They display lies. They promote conflicts, improper sexual relationships and drug usage.

It is clear that television and the
news media are owned by the military industrial complex, bigpharma
etc. These are all tools of the banksters that are pushing for a new world order.

That image is very ugly as the smiles would disappear and vast numbers of people would die.

There are some exceptions to this in the world of television entertainment and the movies. Many are
works of art and have value. Just don't be lulled by the exceptions into complacency.

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Is there a Solution?

I believe there is. The solution is the book, The Way To Happiness.

In the book, there is a precept dealing specifically with the environment:
Safe Guard and Improve Your

When applied, the environment improves.

There is a precept regarding drug usage:
Be Temperate.

The use of this book has tremendously reduce drug usage and crime in neighborhoods.

This book works.

As a driver, I pass these books out to all who will accept them. The acceptance rate is better than 99%.
Few are insane enough to refuse a book entitled T
he Way To Happiness.

Will it handle the homeless? I don't know but distribution certainly will not hurt.

The Way To Happiness if distributed broadly will handle visual pollution in my humble opinion.

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!” Quoting myself :-)

Feel Free to Communicate with Me!

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a message 818_400_2035.

Let me know if there's a subject you need to know more about, a question you'd like expanded on or anything you'd like
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"Listen and Guide, Someone to."

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Visual Pollution

What is visual pollution?

Well let's first define pollution. Google does a great job: “the presence in or
introduction into the environment of a substance or thing that has harmful or
poisonous effects.”

Visual pollution actually is defined by several sources as a term. I'd like to add
my consideration and thus give you this article. This whole article will be
defining “visual pollution.”

Why This Article

I noticed one lady walking around with a sour look on her face. She's not
really sour but she certainly lacked awareness of the negative impact her lack
of cheer created.

The next day, I spotted another lady. Same situation.

Now, realizing I've probably done the same thing, I made a personal
resolution not to be a slacker wearing a sad face. I've realized this more than
once and hopefully, I'll keep creating my positive impact of cheer in the future.

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Government Effect

As I go down the road, I keep seeing road signs. While these signs aren't real
ugly until someone spray paints them several time, they do block my view.

They are also someone else trying to interfere with how I chose to drive. I'm
not saying we don't need these but how often are you pleased with stopping
at an intersection when NO ONE is near? How about an automatic traffic
signal that stops people just like a stop sign regardless of anyone's
presence? No left turns, no right turns, no turns at all!  A really annoying sign
is “no parking”! That one is very ugly and the city of Glendale California has
more than it's share.

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These signs form an ugly attempt to control our choices.

Public Schools

Another ugly control is being exerted on our children. The prisons, oh not
prisons though they look exactly like them, are channels used to force
conformity on our children while crushing their creativeness!

While drugs and the information they teach and fail to teach are not really
visual pollution, they are ugly attempts to take our beautiful children and
convert them into an obedient work force.

Public schools used to be much more aesthetic before the fences, metal
detectors, and the ever present police car, marred the laughter and gaiety of
children at play and being education! Children should be excited to go to
school and to learn. The beauty of that has been replaced with psycho
babble, corrals, and no real learning

I've seen “storm troopers” on motorcycles carrying shotguns around Los
Angeles. They are really motorcycle police but the threat implied makes the
otherwise aesthetic motorcycle ugly.

Military tanks have never been pretty. They are ugly and life threatening!
Barbed wire, no trespassing, government property, keep out...but I ramble...


Graffiti can be beautiful. However when done on someone else's property,
against the owner's will, it is criminal.

Most graffiti is ugly, not aesthetic at all. Graffiti doesn't communicate to the
public as the tagging gangsters can't spell or write. Random marks do not

Neighborhoods with graffiti are made ugly, marred, imperfect, devaluated and
dangerous by criminals selling drugs and committing violence. They prey on
the life of the community where they live and work. This criminal behavior
cost residents and merchants huge sums of money!

Even the taggers, people who do graffiti, are not safe. Notice them, you will
spot them, as they are ugly and unhappy. Most live in fear!

The “Homeless”

Many people feel sympathy for these unfortunate people. Many think the
government should do something about them.

Similar to other indigent people, government application of my money and
yours to their problems does not work. Government housing projects are
destroyed and promptly make ugly. They rapidly become visual pollution.
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