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    Dear Members,

    Codex Alimentarius and its effort and intention to ban the availability of vitamins and health and nutritional supplements for over
    the counter use with access only through a doctor's prescription. (see WINHS detailed Codex Report: Codex Alimentarius
    Introducing their petition British citizens wrote;
    “We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to oppose the adoption of the Codex Alimentarius (WHO/UN) proposals for
    restriction of the presently freely available herb/vitamin/mineral food supplements.”
    “The principle of self medication with herbal / vitamin / mineral food supplements would be restricted to ‘prescription only’ status, if
    the Codex Alimentarius is applied in this country. Since the NHS (Britain’s National Health Service) priorities are ill health diagnosis
    and treatment, the good health preservation that supplements provide will be inaccessible to the majority of our population and the
    cost to the NHS will increase, and the health of the population will decline.”

    The British Government’s response...
    “There are no current or planned Codex Alimentarius proposals that require the UK to change the controls on vitamin and
    mineral or botanical food supplements.”

    Sound good, yes?

    Well, more of a smokescreen type response really.

    Let’s start with some background information. The Codex Alimentarius Commission was created in 1963 in order to develop
    food standards and guidelines for the world. The stated purposes of Codex’s work was to protect the health of consumers.
    However, their own conferences and subsequent activities suggest a nearly unanimous agreement to virtually adopt as
    international standards the strict and certainly anti vitamin law contained in the European Food Supplements Directives.

    And, while Codex generated standards. recommendations or guidelines are not, strictly speaking, enforceable in law, they are
    in fact fully supported by existing law and several international trade agreements which will, in effect, eventually make Codex’s
    standards and recommendations or guidelines actual law in every UN member nation.

So here is what is in store for us in and outside Europe and the UK:
    (a) The elimination (complete ban) of almost two-in-every-three currently available vitamin substances, amino acids, herbs; and traditional
    (b) A dramatic reduction of legal dosage levels to newly established Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs), based on a severely flawed procedure
    for assessing risk (no consideration is even given to existing benefits) and directly influenced by pharmaceutical industry participants;
    (c) The legal reclassification of the remaining “allowable” vitamin substances as medicine;
    (d) Severe censor of what the natural health industry itself or any practitioner can promote, publish, or say about the mental or physiological
    influence supplements, herbs and traditional medicines have.

Meanwhile, in the UK, food supplements are regulated under the European Food Supplements Directive, which came into effect in the UK in 2003 and
has been being applied since it was upheld by the European High Court in 2005. The Directive is implemented into national UK law by the Food
Supplements Regulations (England) 2003.

While there are no plans to make vitamin and mineral or botanical food supplements available on prescription only at the moment according to Mr.
Brown’s current regime in Britain both the EU Food Supplements Directives and Codex Alimentarius include specific text which will reclassify
supplements as medicines and therefore require prescription.

Herbal remedies are subject to separate existing controls and are overseen by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority in
England. Herbal remedies do not fall within the scope of Codex guidelines at the moment but are also identified and highly restricted by the EU Food
Supplements Directives so will eventually ALSO be restricted.

The British Prime Minister is playing a game of semantics and delay. The exact game legislators in Europe and their pharmaceutical (vested)
interests have been playing since 2002 while systematically putting into place fierce anti-vitamin law.

What YOU can do.

We ask that you help get the word out to as many friends and associates as is possible asking them to join and support our efforts to avert a
catastrophic scenario whereby vitamins are reduced to placebo level value and even then require a doctor’s prescription to obtain.

We also ask you to identify and
contact your legislators, send this Alert to them with a note that you hold them accountable if Codex is allowed to
impact the natural health industry in this way.

All the best,

Rudi C. Loehwing
Managing Director
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences

CODEX & EU Food Supplement Directive Update: British
Prime Minister Responds to Anti-Codex Petition
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