Clarification of Codex and its predicted influence and impact on the natural health industry in non-
    European Union countries

    Part One: A storm is brewing...

    The future of each nation’s natural health industry, nutritional innovation and each individual’s personal
    freedom of choice regarding access to a wide range of vitamin supplements, amino acids, herbs and
    ancient and modern traditional medicines, appears with little doubt to be at genuine risk in the
    not-too-distant future. One can later speculate and even try to reason the intentions and motivations that have
    brought about this situation; however, it is certain that the situation exists and is no accident of circumstances.

    This article will attempt to explain, document, and clarify the actual situation by separating the facts from numerous
    assertions, biased interpretations, and short-sighted solutions being attempted.

    The situation we face is primarily the result of a series of apparently unrelated, but in fact, well-coordinated and
    complex events; executed slowly over time in incremental steps. It is a situation driven by vested interests,
    implemented by cooperating foreign and national governmental representatives, agencies, and legislative bodies,
    and fully upheld by a number of international trade agreements signed by heads of state.  

    While much confusion, conflicting opinion, and even heated argument exist as to the legal relevance and potential
    influence of “Codex Alimentarius” (Codex) to the future of vitamin supplements, herbs, amino acids, and many
    widely accepted forms of traditional medicines, the story does not begin in the Americas.

    It began in the European Union

    In Europe, the European Food Supplement’s Directive was legislated and brought into law in 2002.
    The EU Food Supplements Directive was then upheld in the European Court of Justice despite
    fierce legal challenges by watchdog organizations within the natural health community in 2005.

    These unnecessary and severely restrictive pieces of European legislation are now in various
    stages of clarification, finalization, and implementation throughout the European Union.

    In summary, the EU Food Supplements Directive will:
    (a) Eliminate (completely ban) almost two-in-every-three currently available vitamin substances, amino acids, herbs;
    and traditional medicines;

(b) Dramatically reduce dosage levels to newly established Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs), based on a severely flawed procedure for
assessing risk (no consideration is even given to existing benefits) and directly influenced by pharmaceutical industry participants;
(c) Reclassify the remaining “allowable” vitamin substances as medicine;
(d) Severely censor what the industry itself or any practitioner can promote, publish, or say about their mental or physiological influence.
Amino acids, herbs, Ayurvedic and other long-accepted, traditional health remedies are also under the EU Food Supplements Directive’s
legislative control.
Natural products and vitamin substances that have not been approved, or those of manufacturers who fail to provide adequate and fully
documented dossiers to the authorized governing bodies, will begin to be removed from the shelves in shops and websites throughout
Europe in the months to come.
It is important to note that we are not reporting on a few “snake oil” or “miracle water” bottles. This is really not a massive attempt to protect
consumers against the few undesirable “con artists” in this industry. No, we’re actually reporting on the fact that nearly 2/3rds of currently
available and perfectly valid natural products have been unequivocally banned by the EU Food Supplements Directive and will soon be
pulled from the shelves throughout Europe.
Products like:
•        Nearly the entire spectrum of natural vitamin E, including gamma tocopherols and tocotrienols
•        Mixed, natural spectrum of carotenoids
•        All forms of Boron
•        14 different forms of Selenium, including selenium yeast products
•        23 different food forms of Calcium
•        Colloidal or ionic trace elements derived from natural sources
•        21 food forms of Iron including iron-based yeast
•        30 different forms of Magnesium
•        21 different forms of Potassium
•        Molybdenum – 15 forms of amino acid chelate

... and many other natural substances already proven to be effective.

In fact, a detailed list of the remaining allowable vitamin substances, known as the
Approved List” should leave many food supplement manufacturers, health practitioners and consumers quite distressed over the obvious
and severe limitations and impact it will have on viable and beneficial existing products – let alone its impact on continued research and

High Dose Supplements

While food-based (normally low-dose) products appear to have been spared from outright banning by the EU Food
Supplements Directive, there are three important points to think about;

1.        The EU Food Supplements Directive will eliminate High-dose supplements through the establishment of (upper
safe) Maximum Permitted Levels (MPLs). Based on faulty risk-assessment evaluation, the “MPLs” will dramatically
reduce legal dosage levels to nearly placebo levels.

2.        Even the low-dose, food-based supplementation, herbs, and other (natural) nutritional substances are targeted
to be re-classified as medicine by the EU FOOD SUPPLEMENTS DIRECTIVE’s Human Medicinal Products Directive.

This Directive asserts that any product, even a food or food supplement, which has a physiological effect on the body,
can be classified as a drug by the regulators.

The Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation, an integral part of the EU Food Supplement’s Directive, will
severely censor what can actually be said, promoted or advertised about  mental or physiological benefits of nutritional

What about “Sovereign” nations?

The EU FOOD SUPPLEMENTS DIRECTIVE may very well be the law now, but it certainly will only affect Europe. And
while other countries might sympathize with the fate of the European natural health industry, it doesn’t really have
anything to do with the U.S. or other countries outside of Europe.

...or does it?

Part Two: The current U.S. consensus

In the United States, the European Food Supplements Directive and Codex would appear to be completely irrelevant largely due to
massive efforts that lead to the passage of the
Dietary Supplements Health and Education Act (DSHEA) of 1994.

In fact, Codex is barely even on the radar as a real threat to the natural health industry in the U.S. DSHEA is perceived to be an
unbreakable steel barrier to Codex or Europe’s legislative influence or any other “foreign” attempt to breach America’s “safe haven” status
for the natural health and nutritional innovative industries.

The consensus within the U.S. natural health industry is that it will continue to enjoy unfettered access to the full array of innovative products
and high-dose supplementation. This view continues to be promoted by the very associations that are actually paid by its members to
protect industry, practitioner, and consumer interests.

There is no argument that the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act in the United States was perhaps the single
most important legislative development in the history of health freedom. Since 1994, interest in supplements, traditional medicines,
alternative therapies and the natural health industry as a whole has grown dramatically in the United States. So much so that it is now
estimated that more than 40 percent of the entire U.S. population take dietary supplements on a regular basis and as much as 70 percent
use them periodically.  

So, are the United States and other non-European nations sufficiently protected against the already approved European anti-vitamin
legislation and Codex’s mandate to fully incorporate them as international “Standards?” A number of the unbiased experts and Health
Freedom Campaign organizations wholeheartedly agree –
they are NOT!

What is the truth?

Unfortunately, sorting out the true relevance and potential threat can be a somewhat daunting and complicated process. Some definite
effort on the reader’s part is required in order to bring together, review, and personally inspect the truly relevant information.

To separate these out from the tiring and relentless “alarm bells, conflicting media coverage, well funded public relations efforts, and
misleading and sometimes completely false opinions and interpretations, let’s review some key elements.
First of all, one of the main reasons confusion continues to exist is that Codex’s actual relevance to the United States stems not from
Codex’s own documents, which in the main appear simply to promote health and nutritional “guidelines and standards” that each nation
should aspire to, but from actual and legal obligations contained within a number of international trade agreements already signed by the
governments of numerous countries outside of Europe, including the U.S.

These include the
General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade(GATT), which was signed in 1947, and more recently, the World Trade
Organization (WTO) agreement signed during President Clinton’s administration in 1995, updating and virtually replacing the original
GATT agreement.

In fact, it appears the legal basis for enforcement of the various “Guidelines” and “Standards” created by Codex will come from the
Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures,’ known as the “SPS Agreement” and the ‘Agreement on Technical
Barriers to Trade’ known as the “TBT” Agreement.

Both the SPS and TBT agreements were included among the
Multilateral Agreements on Trade in Goods, which was annexed to the
agreement that originally established the WTO.

A lot of legal gibberish? We couldn’t agree more, but unfortunately, quite dangerous to the natural health industry, as the following pages
may make clear.

You can easily look up and email your government representatives through the WINHS.Org web site:

Click on -
Contact Your Government Representatives (U.S. Senators and Congressmen)

Click on – Contact the FDA (the Food and Drug Administration)

Click on – Contact the EPA (the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

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