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    Associated Press and MSNBC reported today that a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    funded study, published in Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry magazine revealed that fish caught and
    examined in several U.S. cities were contaminated with a chemical cocktail of prescription drugs,

    The study, conducted by Baylor University researcher Bryan Brooks examined fish caught near Phoenix,
    Dallas, Chicago, Philadelphia and Orlando, Florida testing them for residues of pharmaceuticals. And what did the
    results show? That fish are contaminated with a chemical cocktail of prescription medications!

    Ironically, while pharmaceuticals are not currently regulated by the EPA, they do pose a significant (and growing)
    risk to the environment. The research was funded by a $150,000 grant from the EPA, and it found the fish to be
    contaminated with:

• Seven different pharmaceuticals, including cholesterol drugs, blood pressure drugs, allergy drugs and psychiatric medications used to
treat bipolar disorder and depression.

• Two different chemicals used as artificial fragrance in soaps.

Earlier research has confirmed that fish absorb medicines because the rivers they live in are contaminated with traces of drugs that are not
removed in sewage treatment plants. Much of the contamination comes from the unmetabolized residues of pharmaceuticals that people
have taken and excreted; unused medications dumped down the drain also contribute to the problem.

The trace chemicals were found in fish near all of the sites tested in this except for one: In order to establish a baseline reference for
healthy, non-contaminated fish, researchers also caught fish in the Gila River Wilderness Area of New Mexico where no pharmaceuticals
contaminated fish were  found.

It is becoming more evident from studies like this Baylor research study and those earlier reported that pharmaceuticals have become a
widespread source of chemical pollution that has permeated delicate aquatic ecosystems and now poses a serious threat, not only the
environment, but to our very lives.

And not just in India and other countries thousands of miles away, but in each location tested; right near Disneyworld, the Liberty Bell, the
Home of deep dish “pizza” and the Grand Canyon...

Ask Congress and the FDA to hold the pharmaceutical companies accountable like the government did in years past when forcing
corporations to pay for their responsibility for contaminated soils – remember “Super Fund” or has that gotten lost in the worldwide “Bail
Out” frenzy? And isn’t it about time the EPA step in as well?

You can easily look up and email your government representatives through the WINHS.Org web site:

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Thank you for taking the time to read this alert and (hopefully) doing something about this situation.

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Rudi C. Loehwing
Managing Director
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences

The "Business" of Drugs:
Pharmaceutical "Cocktails" Found in Fish Near Major U.S. Cities
Page created 3/26/09
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