Dear Members,

    Quickly approaching key implementation phases, the European Food Supplements
    Directive (EU FSD), is now poised to severely impact the 27 Nation, 495 million population
    of the European Union.

    Launched in 2002 and ratified by the European High Court in 2005, the EU FSD will prevent
    European citizens from legally accessing a large volume of existing natural food supplements and health products
    available today.  

    According to reports from our associates at the Alliance for Natural Health Campaign, within two months we should
    learn exactly what vitamin and mineral dosages levels the European Commission aim to set as the new maximum
    allowable dosages across Europe.

    As a note, we have already reported that these “Maximum Allowable Dosage” levels will be very similar, and in
    some cases below the placebo levels noted in the well known “Recommended Daily Allowance” or “RDA” dosages;
    80 mg Vitamin B1, 225 mg Vitamin C, 5 mcg Vitamin D, 15 mg Vitamin E, 17mg Niacin, etc.

    In January of 2010 the delayed ban of nearly 2/3rds of existing vitamin and mineral forms that have not been
    ‘proven’ safe or bio-available will go into effect.  (See: remaining approved list). In nearly each case, the lack of
    “proven” and “bio-availability” documentation and submission is merely due to the exorbitant cost for the vast
    majority of innovative natural health companies that had previously been selling these products with not even a  
    suggestion of health risk for decades in many instances.

Also in 2010 we'll see hundreds of health claims on foods and health products disappear and in the process losing invaluable information,
which helps consumers select healthier products, or foods for specific health benefits. Again, this will only happen because a new EU
regulation (the Nutrition & Health Claims Regulation) sets such difficult data requirements for proof as to be unachievable by most

And if you think this is bad for Europe and has nothing to do with the US, what about the ultimatum warning letters that went out to the
vitamin manufacturers late last year – all regarding their published health claims... Let alone what we already know about Codex
Alimentarius – and their efforts to make the EU FDS a standard for all United Nations member states.

Simultaneously, these very same sources will continue to push more and more genetically engineered food, increasingly being shown to
pose very significant risks both to our health and the environment. You've got to wonder what's going on when safe, beneficial products are
getting banned, dangerous ones are increasingly being pushed onto the market, our freedom speech is being severely handicapped and
our democratic right to make choices about our health impinged. It further tests rationalization that European authorities have just approved
for use in food supplements the form of fluoride used in toothpaste, the stuff we've been told for years not to swallow.

There is an inordinate amount of work to be done to cause a shift away from the anti-natural health, pro-pharmaceutical, pro-biotech trend
being forced upon us by drug companies and governments.

The key

The more of us who change our behaviour and reject pharmaceuticals where safer natural alternatives can be used in their place, often
more effectively, the quicker things will change. Staying healthy is also about getting the best foods available, and this often means
reducing our reliance on the supermarket giants that are primarily interested in cheap, cosmetically attractive food with good transportation
capability and shelf life.

Nutrition is not a major concern for the supermarkets, nor is the need to keep genetically modified foods out of our food supply. Avoiding
supermarkets where you can and, if possible, going to the farm gate or getting or growing your own organically-produced produce is
becoming more and more the more viable alternative.  
As consumers, you hold the key. Without the fuel from consumer spending, the whole big corporate system falls like a pack of cards.

Key Consumer Actions:

Let your government representatives know YOUR position

Get involved

Help support WINHS

And review the WINHS web site periodically for updates and to keep you up to speed with what the WINH and our associated campaign
organizations have been doing to protect freedom of choice in 2009.

Thank you,

Rudi C. Loehwing
Managing Director
World Institute of Natural Health Sciences

The EU Food Supplements Directive
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