War Mongers and Amanda                        

(3/14/12Edit: I wrote this last year but wanted to update it as the "War
Mongers" aka "Banksters" really are working to start another undeclared war
with Iran. So I thought this story would be appropriate. Also see related:
Conflicts on Earth, War Child (poem), and War or Affinity)

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to
remain silent." Thomas Jefferson


My son and daughter in law picked me up for dinner. On the way to their
house, we stopped to pick up two of the little girls, my granddaughter and her
cousin. Also we picked up my grandson who was four at that time.

On the way home, he tried to talk my ear off. He was so interested in
everything and enthusiastic about life.

But the girls they really caught my attention. Their enthusiasm was in such
great volume. Laughing, giggling and chatting as we went home.

At that moment, I thought how precious these children were. I thought how
important their survival is to the family. I thought how important their survival
will be to mankind.

Children do not have to grow up into cynical, bitter, dishonest, estranged
adults. Children do not have to grow up to hate their families or life. My
children, despite a few divorces, are, in the main, very cheerful adults.

My grandchildren are being parented by better parents than I was. I've learn a
lots and assisted my children where I saw a need.

Perhaps my wife and I did a better job that I think. But I stray from the story.

So Amanda is everyone's little cute bubbly two year old. It could even have
been you, you beat up adult.

So this story is meant to evoke emotional responses. It is about the needless
murder of your two year old child by a war machine operating for profit.

I'm sure you don't believe it couldn't happen to you and didn't happen. But
what about your granddaughter or grandson. Or what about that flock of great
grandchildren, anyone of them could be victim even in these great United

Oh it would not be called a war. And somehow their death or abduction by the
government would all be legal. And now that you are a terrorist, you're subject
to arrest by the local terrorist group at the airport, in your home or anywhere.

War Mongers and Amanda

It was a quiet summer evening on a rather cool August night. Dinner was
done. The children were being put to bed.

Mother and Dad were exhausted as usual. Both working overtime and not
being paid for it just to keep their jobs.

As they settled in, there was an explosion and gun fire off in the distance. The
peace of the evening SHATTERED by destruction!

The children were suddenly not sleepy and not ready for bed. They wondered
fearfully what was going on.

Mom and Dad were no longer exhausted.  The adrenalin was pumping in huge
gushes from the shock of the loud explosion.

They attempted to quiet the four children and get them to go back to bed.

Suddenly there was a BLAST. The right hand wall of the house collapsed

Home Invasion

Almost instantly, several soldiers in full battle gear stormed in through the
gaping hole.

Mom and dad were on the floor by from blast.

Dad was unconscious, laying face down, was roughly put in hand cuffs. Mom
was in laying in shock. They hand cuffed her on the floor.

The three children, who been furtherest away, were herded into the bedroom
by the solders

But even in her shock, I could see, mom notice only three children were
herded into the bedroom.

She screamed “Where is my baby?” Amanda, the two year old had been over
where the wall was blown in.

Mom really went into hysteria.

The soldiers seemed not to care. By their actions, they did not care.

After they searched the house, they uncuffed mom and dad. Mother went to
Dad. He was bleeding but still alive.

She wanted to ask for help but the soldiers had left as quickly as they had

Dad started moving. He sounded like he hurt all over. Dad had been between
mom and the blast. He had shielded her. He looked like he would be okay.

As soon as mom saw dad was conscious she told him Amanda was missing.
Dad struggled to his feet.

They went of to the large section of wall that had fell in from the blast. Amanda
had been standing right there before the blast. They feared she was trapped
beneath the heavy wall.

Dad was a big man. He told mom to bring a chair over to support the wall. He
was going to try to lift.

Mom placed the chair where it could be quickly slid in to support the wall if
they could lift it. She called for Johnny, the oldest son. He came quickly.

Mom and Dad started to lift. Amazingly enough the wall came up and Johnny
slid the chair under it.

Dad told mom to get the flash light from the cupboard. He told Johnny to get
the children in bed.

You could see the look of terror in Johnny's eyes. He knew something bad
was happening.

Mom returned with the flashlight.

Dad took it and peered under the wall. He made a gasping sob of grief.

Mom's face was whiter than it had been before. Dad looked at her and quickly
stood up.

He told her to sit "down honey."

Mom asked “Amanda?”

Death of Amanda

Dad said “Dead.”

They hugged each other and cried. I couldn't cry.

After a while, Dad told mom to go sleep with the children. He was going to go
get help from the neighbors. He knew no one was sleeping with explosions
and gun fire and soldiers storming through the neighborhood.

Dad went to the Benson's across the street. The Benson's were very nice
people. Mr and Mrs Benson and their son, Bob came back with dad.

The men finish lifting the wall. There lay Amanda's crushed body. It was no
good anymore.

Mom had come out. Of course she had not been able to sleep but had helped
the kids get back to sleep.

She had a blanked and used it to wrap up Amanda's body. The pain in her
eyes hurt. She loved Amanda.

The Benson's help back their grief and shock. They were being strong for
mom and dad. Strong they were but their eye's were wet. They had been good
friends with Amanda. She had totally charmed them just like everyone else she
met with her bright enthusiasm.

After the Funeral

I'm going to skip forward because there is never anything good about funerals.

After the funeral, family and friends gathered at the Benson's house. It was
large and bright. It had pretty flowers too.

Uncle Simpson, who had been a favorite of Amanda, was fiercely angry and
wanted to kill. He kept saying an eye for an eye. Don't know why he was
talking about eyes. Amanda's body was gone and with it her giggles.

Aunt Sally, his wife, was afraid. She knew Simpson was not afraid and was
liable to go out and kill someone or get killed trying. She felt his pain, it was
the same as hers.  She kept weeping for Amanda then being afraid for
Simpson. Amanda' body was dead. She wanted Simpson alive.

It saddened me as I wanted to help them.

It seemed the men all wanted to get even. I believe they did that to hide their
grief. It was grief they felt from losing their beautiful two year old little friend.
They said Amanda's eyes could melt you.

The women were not hiding their grief. Perhaps it better to cry. I think it is. The
men looked like they were going to explode. They needed to just cry. I know I

Over in the corner were the children. They were nervous but trying really hard
to pretend nothing had happened and that they were okay. I guess they really
were but I could feel a void in their lives.

But Grandpa and Grandma, they were a mess. They had really loved Amanda
and she had loved them too. They looked older, Amanda's death had
weakened them and they would never be the same without her.

The Community

It was like Amanda's death had killed some of the life in everyone though it
should not have. Yes that was true, the death of Amanda hurt everyone that
knew her.

All this grief, death, the loss of a two year old with all her life left to go,

The light of the community was less the brilliant spark that had been Amanda.

I wondered why the death had happened. I guess I was standing in the wrong
place at the wrong time.

But why the explosion? Were they looking for someone? They came in and
searched. Are they trying to take over our house? Didn't seem so as they left
without taking anything but a life.

The helicopters and sirens were making life dangerous for the families in the
community. Police only seemed to be passing out tickets to collect money
never handling crime.

How many more death will it take to bring peace to the neighborhood. I have
peace. But my family has grief and pain. The neighborhood is in fear. I can
feel it.

I'm going to stay around for a while to make sure my family and the Bensons
are okay before I'm off.

A Future Understanding?

I may see if I can find a way to understand why innocent people must die,
perhaps a way to stop the murders of innocent people.

I lost a body not knowing who killed it or why. Seems a poor way to die.....

The end.

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This trend of governments killings in any land needs to cease.  Wars for profit
are a crimes against humanity.

My solution is to push forward on an international scale:
New Civilization

To do this, I need help: #AwesomeTeam Hope and Expansion.

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