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War Child

Noises in the distance, hints of destruction and pain, can you imagine?
Huddled in a blanket, protected from the night’s rain; the rough blanket.
The tears are but dried, no strength left to cry, easy to remember.
Memory too strong, will Mommy, Daddy, I’m too scared to finish
Again and again, it seems I might die.

It is colder now; maybe morning will come, numbing cold about
Explosions closer now, too late for the day, the walls moving in
Another explosion here, the walls are blown away, bright flashing heat
Nothing to worry about, I rise up into the night.

I’d cry if I could, mommy and daddy where are you?
I bet I can find them, mommy and daddy where are you?
I am crying no tears.

I see them now, there they are, free too from all body pain
Think about it, we’re all war children, freed to play another game
But why must we die?  We had a nice game
Mommy and Daddy, and I was baby Jane.

Do the bad always win? Do we have no voice?
They kill for profit and power, it seemed we had no choice.

Ah, a new game to play, no more war for us!
War child form a band; stop the killing in the night.
Speak up loudly now, no more tears in the dark
Unite into a strong group, peace must be agreed.
Singer lead the way, unite us with your song
Lead us to peace, together we are strong!

No more war children for Earth
It hurts to remember those nights.
Too many walls gone, far too much fright.

No more crying. No more dead war child.

The Poet
©2009 Carl Watts
My personal view is that
war is wrong, ALWAYS!
Going to war, declared or
not, is a sign of low ability
on the part of
governments. Was
indicates, they are too far
down the survival scale to
take survival actions and
thus, they resort to force
to get what they want. IT
resources, less man
power, less will power,
huge financial debts: these
are what come from war.
War causes death and
despair, prefect for the
new order of  the drugged
citizens of earth all under

Thus my goal:
New Civilization

the Poet

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7/5/09 Carl Watts, Nutrition Response Testing Certified,  Nutritionist, Artist, Designer, Problem Solver, Author, Publisher, Philosopher, PO Box 285,
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All tyranny needs to gain a
foothold is for people of
good conscience to remain

Thomas Jefferson

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