Warmth of a Smile

Alternate title could be the “Evil Behind a Smile”

It always creates an impression on me when I see a profile picture. I see
thousands on Twitter and many in other settings.

The reason that this article could have two different titles is the point I wish to

A real smile, a warm smile never hides evil. It does come with beauty.

I'm not just talking about a hot young girl (though there is nothing wrong with
that too :-).

I am talking about the beauty, the aesthetics, of the being that operates the

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Evil Behind a Smile

I know a woman who has always had beauty in form. By that I mean, her
body was beautiful.

She grew up friends of my children. My wife and I were friends with her
parents and siblings (all grown now).

Before she got married, she would come up to me and fake strong friendship.
She would give a nice big juicy hug. Since she was well endowed, that was
very pleasant.

She would put a hint of sexual promise into that hug.

I would let her hug me and I'd hug back. My hug did not contain any possible

I knew this girl to be as big of traitor as they come! She was not to be trusted
at all.

On other occasions, this girl would look right through me.

I've heard she's gotten better in the last 25 years but I do not believe it. I
believe others buy her educated charm and physical beauty.

I will not believe it until I get some honest communication form her first hand.
I will make my decision then. I do believe people can improve.

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Recently, I encountered a beautiful woman that I've known for many years.
She has a beautiful smile and physically extremely attractive. She likes to
hug too. Very pleasant, I might add.

But there is no false promise nor manipulation with sexual implications.

She is truly beautiful. If you saw her, you would see that. You would also see
how she is different from the first example.

I have observed this beauty in many people. It is very easy to see in young
happy children. They glow!

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Natural Beauty

Beings, the Spirits, that operate bodies are basically beauty.

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They become ugly and evil when they have been crushed and hammered by
other beings and the physical universe.

Some beings are bigger that others. Some handle the tortures, of the
constant bombardment by the physical universe and other beings, better.

Those that do not handle it well, small beings, or beings that have been hit
exceptionally hard become dark, ugly, and perhaps evil.

Not all beings that are crushed become evil. Those beings are you and me.

All beings that are beaten down are less powerful. Almost one hundred
percent of the beings on this planet have been beaten to the point they are
not conscious that they are more than a body.

That is a condition known as being a Homo Sapiens, human.

If you suddenly realized you were an immortal being, you would cease being
human to some degree as the constant fear of death would not be there.


Being, that beat down other beings, do this to enslave, dominate, and control
others. Weak people, blinded, fed lies, put under high pressure are easier to

I believe the majority of man's major problems are caused by men who are
beaten down, who are evil and insane enough to want to enslave the rest of
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The physical universe doesn't have a reason to beat on beings. But it is
made up of energy that is everywhere is constantly hitting a being that
doesn't realize what is happening.

But still, under the garbage we've had forced upon us, there is beauty.  

You can find that beauty. Finding the beauty depends on if you're willing to
put up with someone's garbage enough to find them under it!

The first lady I mentioned does have the beauty within but it is not worth it to
me to endure her garbage to find her beauty. See related article:

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