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We’ve Been Lied To!

Down through the ages, man has lied to man
Over and over, lies have been told about man
Lies to create a game
Lies for personal gain

Lies to protect those in fear
Lies to help hide from those near
Lies to create domination
Lies to control any nation

Man has been convinced by
lies that man is bad
Were you totally convinced someone was totally bad
Would you hesitate and hold back you hand
Or would you aggressively act to protect your land
Lies have been told pitting man against man

So went WWII, the Germans were told all were bad
Their troops were fighting to protect their land and for God
The rest of the world was told how the Germans were bad
The Yanks and Brits were fighting for country and God
Convincing lies repeated got man thinking man was bad

If man is bad any method can be used to control him
If man is bad all actions are authorized to restrain him
So today, man is bad! According to Who?
Who is so convinced all is bad that he lies to you?
Lies cleverly told over and over that have convinced you.

The “Who” really isn’t important. What is
important is you
Will you continue to listen to all that is told you?
Recall: how many people you have known that were 100% bad
You may recall one or two, if that’s true, it’s sad
It’s the lies they were told over and over that made them bad

But that leaves how many people that had some good?
It would seem that man is
generally alright, tries to be good
I find man is doing the
very absolute best he can
Given the environment and all the restrictions at hand
Those restrictions are based upon lies told by man.

Given decades of lies, of control and domination
It’s a wonder man is anything but an abomination
And so, the psychs and medicos say we are
They’ve created a hatred and fanned so bright
It can be seen from the nearest star

Man is not an animal to be drugged, herded and prodded
Man is the creator of the future, the future source of life
You need not agree with that but man certainly can end future life!
Do you agree with that? Polluted air and seas, land devoid of life!
Keep saying man is all bad, with a bomb or bug, someone will end life

Man IS basically good and should be helped and aided
Man IS the only real friend man has and the hope of life on Earth

Look out the window of your existence at the path
View the goodness of your fellow Earth man travelers
Lay aside the lies of old, the lies of today, move forward on the path
By YOUR actions YOU can create hope for tomorrow for man
Or your actions can speed the final end of life across this land…

By actions, words, by your thoughts, even unspoken
Which do you move towards, towards which do you push for and lead
For YOU ARE a leader! The spouse has faith in you.
Your child
wants to be just like you. Your friends listen to you!
You do create effects around you. It’s your choice of: Bad or Good?
Ugly or Beauty?
Death or Life?
Hate or Love?
Intolerance or Tolerance?
Avenging or Forgiving?
Confusion or Understanding?
Lies or Truth?

Lies lead you downward to death sure as the night
Truth can lead you up to the light, man is basically good.
This single fact, above all else, needs to be understood.
But you say “But so many things weren’t fair, aren’t right!”
What can I say?
But what's important is:
What will YOU DO?

Need some help without being told what to do, what to think,
contact me.
Have a great day! Carl

©2009-2015 Carl Watts 062709.
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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