What is Wrong with Magic? Part 1
Part 2-Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Souls
Part 3-Paranormal, The Truth about

I like TV shows and Movies with characters who have magical powers.
Since I was very young, I've liked Science Fiction and Fantasy. These
remind me of the distant past.

Have you noticed how many “science fiction” ideas have proven to be true
in common everyday reality?

How did the old writers know so much about the future, magic? But oh, I'm
getting off track, that's another article.


What is wrong with magic as it's thought of today? Plenty!

But let me further qualify that, magic, as displayed now in modern time, is

True magic is simple, powerful and you can do it. You're doing it now but
you just don't know it.

What is Magic?

Let me explain. Magic is the accomplishment of unusual task with the
assistance of or by unknown forces. Would you say that is a good definition?

An elephant vanishing off a stage is pretty unusual! Eh?

Apparently the magician is able to command space and time. Commanding
space and time seems unusual, right?

However today, they merely use smoke and mirrors. Though you never
know, a real magician could appear any day. It is possible.

But what is wrong with most magic, as shown today, is the assignment of
cause to the unknown or know other force.

As I said above, you are doing magic all the time but you don't know it. You
are commanding space and time. You, the Magician, are  the "unknown

Amulet, Talismans or Charms

An amulet or any object is not a source of power. Some being is the source
of power. If you are or were a magician, you would be the source of power.

Anytime you assign cause to an object, it becomes cause and you become
effect. See article “
Stress Re-Defined” for definitions of “Cause” and
Click to view!

So when you assign cause to an object, you lose your power to work magic
on a knowing level! Objects never create effects unless animated by a
being, you.

I realize this may not be a clear article. After I post I'll probably edit it to fill in
the gaps. Just because I understand me doesn't mean I'm getting the truth
across to you. Feel free to ask questions!  :-)

So for now, I'll end off by saying your abilities, potentials, are far, far, far
greater than you or anyone has every let you imagine.

Of this I am certain! You might like my poem "

You are a source of power of tremendous magnitude but you've been
convinced you're less than you are than you really are. This is how you've
been controlled back through time immemorial! You've had stuff piled up on
you until the real you is buried. Your abilities haven't left, just buried.

So for the present, what you can do is team up with

As part of
#AwesomeTeam you can help! RT this data and my other content
to help wake up the world before its too late!

Part 2: Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Souls...click to read.

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