What is a Problem?

It is interesting the number of problems being presented daily on social

People talk about their problems in daily conversation.

The media lives on problems which they make much worse in their

Many people try to dump their problems on you!

Definition and Examples.

    A problem is two opposing
    forces, ideas, emotions etc. The
    picture show two opposing
    arrows. Each stopping the
    others progress.

Let me give some more loose definition of what a problem is. A problem is
something that opposes you in some way. In some way, something is
opposing your survival.

Someone telling you that you are wrong is opposing your thoughts and

Someone stealing from you is lowering your possessions that you feel are
needed to survive well.

If you are trying to go out the door and someone blocks your motion, that is a
problem. They are violating your right to decide, to act, and thus lowering
your survival.

Solutions to Problems.

Can you recall the last problem that really had you worried and then you
figured out a solution?

Look at the moment, before you put the solution into effect. Was the situation
still a problem even though no action had been taken?

So what happened there? Did the problem ceased to be a problem at that

If it was not a problem any longer, does that give us some insight, some
further understanding of problems?

A Change of Viewpoint or Opinion.

Why is a situation a problem in one person's viewpoint yet is not in another
person's viewpoint?

The key there is that different viewpoint see problems differently.

This was a problem for my friend.

A friend of mind is starting project, building stand for horses (metal structures
with wooden surface for horses to stand on for display, tricks etc). He will
telling me if he set up a pattern he could build them faster. Problem is they
range in size and shapes.

Building a pattern or jig for each size would take up huge amounts of space
and materials.

I suggested he use on surface large enough to construct the largest stand.
On this “table” he should put peg holes for each structure and move the jig
pieces around for different sizes. It would save materials and space.

With this idea, his problem vanished.

Some new data, a new idea, can change a problem into just something to get
done easily!

Not all problems solve that easily.

Suppose your boss is treating you very badly causing you to doubt your job

That can be a real problem. How do you resolve this?

From my viewpoint this is not a problem.

You have three choices as I see them. The choice of doing nothing but
continuing to endure is a bad choice.

The other two choices are to handle your boss or find a new job. If you're
competent and productive, there are always positions. If you're not competent
and productive, your boss is not the problem.

There are many big problems in life.

There are few problems that will be the end of the world or the end of all life. I
suspect you could locate or invent many problems bigger than the one you're
currently facing.

I have a motto:
“Something Can Be Done About it.”

Tips for Solving Your Problems.

Write down on paper all the details of the problems.

Write down all the things that could make it worse.

Write down all the things that could make it better.

Sometimes discussing a situation with someone else helps hugely. Just like
my friend as I mentioned above.

Feel free to
contact me. Maybe I can help. Maybe I can't.

Worse case is you use some of your and my time and nothing happens.

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