What Are You NOT Interested In?

Let me start this out in another area, why are there no old gods sitting on a mountain top any
more? Perhaps they lacked games or things to be interested in?

Maybe there are old gods on the tops of mounts but they are certainly not showing themselves by
any actions. The only way to detect a spirit or god is by the effects they cause.

Everything in this universe could be attributed to the action of a god or gods. I do not mean to
slight any God with my writing.

Just as there is a “Devil”, so we are told, it follows that God must have created an opponent of
equal magnitude. If there were no competition, there would be no game and no interest!

Perhaps, God created many gods to make more games, bigger or different games. The game of
good and evil is pretty limited. By determining anything is evil, that reduces your ability to control

Simply by deciding you are good and other things are bad, you cease to control other things.

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The Challenge

Back to the title of this article, what are you not interested in?

If there is mold on your food, could be evil, are you interested in it?

How about ants infesting your home?

I don't consider ants evil, nor the spirit controlling them, but I do consider them annoying when
they invade my personal space without my permission. When they do invade, all too often, they
start a new game. They're after food, like my cats' food or anything in my house.

My cats will not eat ant infested food so I throw it out and have to replace it and keep the ants out
of the new food. I also have to take steps to discourage the ants from invading my home.

The ant invasion forces me to be interested in them. When they stay in the
ir area, the yard, I have
little interest in them and wish them on harm. When they come in, I wish them to be gone, dead or

Look Around and Find Something You Are Not Interested

I'd be interested, ah that term interested, in hearing from you.

The paint on the wall, no interest? How about the floor or ceiling, any interest there or NO interest?

Interest and Awareness

I recently did an article on Awareness. You might find it interesting.

Awareness and interest go together. Something you are not aware of might have little interest.

At this second, is there some money around? Before I asked the question, were you aware it was
around? Did you have any interest before I asked the question?

If you detect, become aware of, a bullet coming towards you, are you interested?

No interest in the bullet before you were aware of it?

Why Objects Are Interesting.

If you were in deep space with nothing around, what would stop your vision? Nothing!

Objects are something. Objects are always valuable even if only to give you some space between
it and yourself.

Without objects, or something to view, there would be no space.

People who do not look outwards do not have space. They lack awareness and they lack interest.

Objects are not and never could be interested. Only you and I have interest.

So, again, what are you not interested in? Personally I can't locate anything that I have absolutely
no interest in.

Perhaps you could say you're not interested in a piece of trash? Do
es it detract from the
aesthetics of the area? Then it would seem that it has a negative interest value. It would also

serve to create an interest in having it removed?

I'd be interested in your opinions on this.

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