What Will Attract Anyone's Interest for

As a writer, I want my materials read. I have knowledge I wish others to
have so they can aid themselves and humanity in surviving better. That
directly benefits me and my family.

A better life is common to survival of mankind!

So What Will Attract Everyone?

Actually, nothing will. Except perhaps one thing.

People are so different! I'll give an example:

The Horrors of Eating Wheat!  

Say goodbye to gluten: Over 200 clinically confirmed reasons to avoid

Why it's Best to Limit Your Consumption of Wheat!

Which title appealed to you the most?

Here's another one:

Problem or Solution?

Are You Part of the Problem or the Solution?

No Responsibility For the Problem or the Solution?

Again which appealed to you the most?

People Are Busy

It's been my experience that you only have a second or so to create interest!

The Solution to the Evils of Chemtrails

Radiation is Killing you!

The Governments are Insane!

Conflicts on Earth!

Which one caught your attention?

The Single Thing That Might Catch Peoples Interest?

It is a mystery? Curiosity about something will very often pull people in!

For Example:

What is Wrong with Magic?

Ghost, Demons, Spirits, Souls

Paranormal, The Truth About

Did any of those create any mystery for you?

So to get attention, create a mystery!

No Mystery About my Intentions!

I want people to do better, be happier, stronger, more able.

I can help! Related article
Assistance or Help.

See my intentions for humanity:
New Civilization. This is what I work on
around the clock!

Tools to get some positive change are
Problem or Solution and
Governments, Solution For!

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