What Do You Really Want?

There have been several comments made to me recently that prompted me to
write this article. So I wrote this article for you!

Someone said “we will win this fight.” The problem with this statement is that
the attention is on “winning a fight.”

Who wants to fight!

How about we improve the situation? How can we improve the problem area?

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I just had an instigator or troll get on my lines. He was very covert.

He'd ask me a question and I'd give an honest correct answer.

He would not acknowledge my communication but asked another question
ignoring my answer.

His questions were almost but not quiet sarcastic.

This happened about four times and then I realized I should block him. I
promptly did without further communication.

More Trouble

A friend, said the troll had an interesting blog. I replied I was done with the

My point here is I have thousands of good people to associate with. Why
would I put any attention on a troll who was trying to create upset for me and
my followers?

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If you want harmony, don't sit there and watch the evening news. That is
putting attention on death, doom, destruction and media lies.

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Turn on some good music!

Here's a lady that really tells you how that can work!

Want to improve your life? Turn off the media's ability to effect you!


Do you know people who are almost obsessed with money?

Do they also have money?

The people I know that live, drink, eat, sleep and think money have money.
They may not have friends but they have MONEY!

That is where all their attention and efforts have been!

How about Health?

Do you know people with a lot of attention on health? Not healthcare as
people with attention on healthcare are very often not healthy at all! Their
attention is on their ills.

Look a the medical profession, pharmaceutical profession, they are not
healthy, they are drugged and dying for the most part.

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I have attention on health and I'm very healthy!

I took the time and put effort into learning about health, what causes it and
what damages it!

Results is I am healthy!

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How About a Happy Marriage?

Yes it is possible. I guarantee that.

My question for you is how much time do you put into creating a happy

Compare that to the efforts you put into having a sexual relationship!

I can tell you if you do not take the time to talk to your spouse, you will not
have a happy marriage if you have a marriage at all!

Lack of communication is a fast route to screaming and divorce!

You must create your marriage! That means a lot of effort to communicate. Do
things for your spouse!

If you want to wreck your spouse, cut them down verbally. Insult them. You
will get a wreck of a spouse who if he/she has any sense will divorce you
before you kill them off!

Hate or Love?

Which do you put attention on?

You can answer this by looking at what you talk about, what you think about!
What's you choice in movies?

Beauty or Ugly?

Which do you put attention on?

Do you read the newspapers or watch the news on television? Do you gawk
at auto wrecks on the road?

Do you plant flowers, grow vegetables? Or go to the beach or hike in the

See how this can work?

It's simple, you get what you want by putting your efforts and attention on that
thing. Just make sure you really want it because its coming your way!

Have You Ever Thought Something Was Going to

And then, a few minutes, weeks, years later, it happened exactly as you
thought it would?

You don't have to believe me, not at all, but it happened because you said it

The more cheerful you are, happy, powerful, the more often and faster things
will happen.

Of course if you say something will happen and then say it will not, who
knows what's going to happen if anything at all!


My point here is decide what you want in life and put your attention on that.
Ignoring most distractions will work just fine! Of course if the house is on fire,
get out!

I refer you to the above video.

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