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What Does a Spirit Look Like?

This is sort of a humorous article because you can't answer that question.

But to set the stage, lets start with a dictionary definition.
Google was
cooperative enough to provide:
    “the nonphysical part of a person that is the seat of emotions and
    character; the soul”

I like the use of “nonphysical

I question t
hat this nonphysical part is the seat of emotions and character?
So I looked up “seat.” All the definitions deal with physical location which
makes it physical?

I know that emotions do not reside and are not seated in the spirit or in the
soul. I'll mention emotions and character later on down the page :-)

So I'd like to discount that part of the definition and say:

the spirit is the soul and it is nonphysical!


A ghost has been called an apparition, spirit and many other things. No
where have I found evidence a ghost is a physical thing so that would make it
similar to a spirit or soul.

People claim to have seen ghost and they certainly make great subject matter
for movies.

If a ghost is wondering around, you would not see it. However, it might be
dragging baggage that could possibly be visible

So the actual description of a ghost is very vague and unsubstantiated. I'm
not saying people haven't seen ghost...but...we have little agreement on them.

So if a Spirit looks like a ghost, we are not very close to a good description
though there is some excellent art depicting them.


Now I'm sure demons exist. The images that come up are excellent art works
and show vivid imaginations.

A demon is merely an evil ghost or apparition.

The Soul

Now we are on more friendly ground.

It seems some religions say we have souls and we should take care of them.
Personally, I've looked for mine and can't find it. Then I realized I am my own
soul. I'm the spirit.

I did a lot inspection. Everything I looked at I realized was not me. It was
obvious, I was looking at it.


When an emotion arises, it is not me. An emotion is an energy manifestation.
Emotions act like energy and have the characteristics of energy.

So while sometimes, I'd think I was anger upon examination I find that it was
not me.


I believe character is much closer to the spirit than you'd think. However, I
believe the spirit creates the characteristics of his existence. If you consider
good deeds or being strong as characteristics, those are created by me.
They are not me.

When someone is evil, they are creating that characteristic. It is not them.

What does a Spirit Look Like?

I speak personally. I have no image nor location. However, I am noticed,
located by the body I use. It has a drivers license with
its picture on it!

Perhaps the best answer is contained in my poem:
Face. Check it out by
clicking here

Also, I have a couple related articles which you might like as they expand on
this some on this subject:
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I hope you've enjoyed this article. It was intended to be humorous :-)

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