What Happened to the Gods?

Throughout history, man has mentioned Gods. Gods have been respected
and, often, feared.

That modern man, science, would reduce the Gods of old to myth shows
their ignorance of the physical universe, life and even themselves!

Over the years, I've
asked many question about God, Gods and Immortal

I've not received any response with information that was not based strictly on
opinion and hearsay.

I have listed a few of those questions below this article.

So lets go with the old saying, where there is smoke, there is fire.

Truth or Fiction?

Without getting into specific Gods, I'd like to explain what happened to them.  

You may or may not agree or believe what I write.

Neither belief or agreement are required nor will a lack of those lessen the
general truth of what I write.

If you're curious and willing to look beyond what is stated today as “scientific
truth” and “religious beliefs”, read on :-)


If you could do anything, have anything, might you get bored after enough
years of no restriction?

If you were all powerful, how could you experience effects either good or

You could not. How many millions or billions of years would it take before
you got bored? Think about it.

So to have some kind of game, to create some effect, you'd have to have
attention from others. To create any effect attention from others is required.
The desire of attention automatically puts you or a God at effect.

That step alone reduces any God or Immortal Being from total cause to some
level of effect.

Now that the door for effect is open, the downward spiral begins.


Gods, Immortal Spirits, were huge. I'm not talking about any body they used
but themselves!

A God could span this galaxy or be as small as a pea. If you try you could
probably get the idea if encompassing or containing a galaxy within your
space. I find either concept very easy to experience.

To really play games on Earth, to experience effects here, a God needed to
reduce his size down to his playing field.

Now the God was no longer spanning galaxies but reduce himself down to a
country side or mountain range.

A reduction of a Gods idea of their size definitely can create effects on them
thus limiting them at least momentarily!

The Gods were noted for living on mountain tops. One thing that would do is
to give the Gods space. It would allow the Gods to be expansive, very big.

Even humans enjoy the view from the top of mountains. Real estate is most
expensive where there is a view! Ask any God!

There were many HUGE temples constructed for the mythical Gods!

To move into any temple would further reduced the God's size. At first that
was not a barrier but after enough time, enough temples, they were cut down
to less that they were.

If the God took on a human form, he would be reduced to almost human size
at least to the degree he wanted to control the body.

Numerous Gods

It is difficult to accurately state how many Gods resided on Earth at any one

The Gods were not restricted to this planet or any planet. Earth was merely a
play ground and common meeting ground for them.

Man was a spices that lived here and provided a level of activity. To the
Gods, man was much like our pets of today are. Often pets annoy us, they
create negative effects. When man annoyed the Gods, heads would roll.

I believe pets are more of value to man than man was to the Gods.


None the less, the Gods did interact with humans. Many of their interactions
were harmful to man. Just as humans interact with our pets.

Though I'm certain the Gods were much more intimate with their pet humans
than we are with our animals. For the Gods, there were no consequences for
any type activity.

The Gods did what they pleased without rules, regulations, moral or ethics to
guide them. The Gods were the power and answered to no one at least early

So man, even as he feared the Gods, sought ways to render them less
harmful, less powerful. Man, a clever creature, noted what lessened or
appeased the Gods.

The more the Gods associated with man, the less god-like they became.

It's like when you associate with someone
who pulls you down, eventually
they pull the rug from under your feet!

Gods Reducing Their Own Ability and Power

Anytime a God did something they considered less than optimum for all of
life, they knew it. After enough harmful acts, or sins as religions like to refer
to them, they felt “bad” about it and decided they should not do that again.

It's kind of like if you step on your pets tail, you decide to be more careful.

How many millions of years did man continually work to trap the Gods in
human like bodies? How many millions of years did the Gods reduce their
own power?

In Conclusion

There's a bit more to the story. There were external forces working against
the Gods and man. Any being was subject to their covert attacks.

Thus between the Gods weakening themselves, man doing all he could think
up and external forces, gradually the Gods became trapped. The Gods lost
their memory.

The Gods are still here today. They act human. They are human.

The media always tell how bad spirits are. The churches are terrified for a
free God which would ruin their business. Governments fear anything with
powers they can't crush.

But at any point you might shake your head and clear away the mental bars
that trap you.

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I can state you are not alone.  #EverythinWill_B_OK!

Over the last several years, three plus, I'm posted many questions about God
or Gods. Here is a few:

  1. Why were so many temples erected for the ancient Gods?
  2. Are scientist scared of Gods, what is their explanation for God?
  3. Does God, any God, have a body, why would he?
  4. Why do they think Greek Gods are myths?
  5. Does the Devil oppose God, does that make the Devil a God also?
  6. God is said to be everywhere, does he move or is he stationary?
  7. Are there questions that should not be asking about God?
  8. Why does man assign Gods to bodies, traps?
  9. Why have Greek Gods been reduced to myths?
  10. Are scientist afraid of God or Gods?
  11. Do scientist have an explanation for God or Life?
  12. There use to be many Gods, now there's only a few, what happened?
  13. Do religions agree on God or each have their own?
  14. Do some people blame God, who does the atheist blame?
  15. What pull the Greek Gods down?
  16. Is God and the Devil in competition, who created him?
  17. How could you invent/create a god/spirit?
  18. Can you confront that which doesn't exist?
  19. If a non-existent god were invented, could it be confronted?
  20. Does everyone have the same definition of God, why not?
  21. Have you harmed God, what did you do?
  22. Have you heard conflicting data about God?

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