What I Eat!

A Basic Point

While this may not interest many, let me explain! I'm educated to survive. The reason I
Nutrition Response Testings and how to be a Health Coach was I could survive
better and to help others! Also, I've read many books and thousand of articles about health
and nutrition. So I feel very qualified to write this. I'm probably the most educated,
nutritionally speaking, person you know!

At the same time, I don't know everything, yet! Some people may know better than I do in
some area or simply disagree. My sister often ignores my data and simply does what she
wants to do. That is her right. I will say, she's following most of what I've told her, she's
coming around slowly but coming around

I offer my information, my opinions, free of charge. You are free to use or reject. You do
still have the power of choice sort of as choice implies enough true data to make a choice.
I wish you well.


A very important point is to eat more vegetables! It is preferable that they are organic. But
many vegetable maybe eaten safely even if commercially grown.
Click here to view the
Dirty Dozen.

Even if pesticides are not a problem, commercially grown vegetables are pretty much
devoid of nutrition. So go for organic where you can. Spend the extra money if at all
feasible. It's your family's health at stake.

Vegetables are
THE key to health.

Here is a list of vegetables that are GMO:
10 Foods to Avoid Like the Plague so buy
these organic or grow them yourself.


I find a kale/blueberry shake a day is vital to good health. It taste good and gets nutrients
into you routinely.

This is a
recipe that I got from Dr Erik Berg whom I trained to be a health coach
click to read.


Apples are good for many reasons. They are filling and full of nutrition. They must be
organic. See the above mentioned
Dirty Dozen chart!

Apples also help detox! Very few people on earth are not loaded with toxins. So make
them part of your diet.

Apples are the best snack I can recommend anytime!

Fruits in General

If you're very healthy, fruits are very good. If you're not so healthy, you need to watch the
glycemic index of fruits. What you don't want is super sweet fruits. See this chart on
Hormone triggers by clicking here.

Again, on fruits, go organic. Keep the poisons you eat to a minimum. See
Dirty Dozen!

Watermelon is a superior fruit! Avocados are a superior fruit. View this
List of
Acid/Alkaline Forming Foods to give you some additional data:


Grains have a pretty high glycemic index. I avoid them.

If you're having "huevos rancheros", try substituting a salad for the rice. However, eating
out adds the potential for toxins hugely! Like cooking the rice and beans in aluminum pots!
Also you can bet the restaurant is not using good cooking oil. That's expensive. The rice is
likely also GMO!

However, in LA, "Los Burritos," a local chain of Mexican style restaurants,  has great hot
sauce and salsa! I don't get rice.

Often, quinoa is thought of as a grain, it's not. It is a seed. I consider it a healthy food. Most
if not all seed should be healthy! Do  your own research on what is healthy. Or ask me for
my opinion.

A special note, avoid
wheat and soy! Both are GMO unless organic. Even organic, they
are not human foods. The exception is fermented soy!

As a comment, fifty years ago or so,
wheat was 5% gluten. Now it is 50%.


We eat some organic beans. I suggest you look at what your health goal is and decide if
beans are good for you.

If you're going to eat beans, I do, soak them at least 24 hours prior to cooking to make
them more digestable. Change the soaking water a few times. And use filtered water, not

Eggs and Fish

I can't see any reason not to eat free range organic eggs. Its fun to soft boil and then pickle

Dr Pepi recommend only wild
Alaskan Salmon. It's nice that Costco carries it frozen and
in cans! I do not recommend the canned because can are all lined with plastics. However,
if you want something like tuna fish salad, use the wild Alaska Salmon instead of tuna.
Tuna is loaded with mercury, enough I was getting ill eating it!

Organic Meat

Our meat consumption has gone way down. Except for organic, I believe meat is all toxic
due to the poor sanitation, antibiotics and #GMO feed!

Mary and I eat organic chicken and hamburger which Costco carries!

Nuts and Seeds

These are a good source of pretty much everything!

Pistachio nuts are very nutritious! Pretty much all nuts are except...peanuts! Many people
are allergic to them! I'd suggest avoiding peanuts and peanut butter. Eat almonds and
almond butter!

What about Dairy?

In general, dairy is toxic. Why, click here and watch. If you finish video, you will know!

Mary and I still consume organic butter and half and half!

If you're going to eat, you should also inspect the quality of the dairy that makes your
organic butter or half & half!
Click here to view ranking of dairies.


There are many salad ingredients that are organic and easy to find. I use cold pressed
organic walnut oil and raw Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar as a dressing. Also, I
made some organic salsa which works good as a dressing too.

Avocados are an awesome food to eat or put in your salads! They contain very healthy
oils and protein!

One last note on health, when you feel full, stop! Take the rest home or leave it for the dog!
Over eating stresses the body and prevents good health!

Be creative and enjoy eating.


I make lots of soups from vegetables. Sometimes I add other ingredients to enhance
flavor (often at expense of nutritional value). Soups are nutritious and easy. They store well.

There is no shortage of healthy foods. There is an over abundance of possessed toxins
most people are used to eating!

Everything will be alright. If you have questions,
contact me!

©2006-2013  by Carl Watts/CarlWattsArtist.com 032313
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts http://www.carlwattsartist.com/updates.html  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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