What a Lovely Girl

At the DMV  
I sat down in a chair next to a lady
Harmless unless she rolled over on me.  
It was an exhausting affair.
Air seemed thick with effort, what use could this be?

Old men and women waiting.
Young people, children waiting.
Such a non-productive affair.

Apparently the employees were on break.
No wonder there were no parking spaces.
Apparently they had a break after each customer.
There I sat trying not to feel the fatigue of their faces.

So many fields of mis-emotions,
Fields of efforts and counter efforts
Fields over lapping with little motion.
It was tiring, made my eyes want to close.
Working with the government. Too little motion.

I was about to fall over unconscious,
Til a lovely girl sat down across the isle from me.
I returned to consciousness.
In her twenties, not married, not noticing me.

Eye make up accentuated the beauty of her eyes!
I wanted to say, "Pretty awesome!" But I didn’t.
Then the purple haze on her hair caught my attention.
I wanted to ask her “Why purple?” But I didn’t.

I admired the mock up she used for attention.
Once she looked my way. Well, at least in my direction.
I looked back in her eyes. She never noticed my attention.

I watched her text someone and smile.
A friends or a lover, someone was making her smile.

My number and letter was called.
G254 to window 7 was the demand.
The sheath of paper the girl required.
Give it to her or the penalty of death,
The DMV’s demanded.

She held out her hand for money. It was required.
I presented her with a valid plastic card.
Pieces of paper were in the bank as required,
But the girl told me the plastic didn’t work.

She wanted to know if I had cash or
Would I donate an organ to make this work?
Another piece of plastic was presented.
The girl didn’t notice it was in a woman’s name
That plastic piece saved me an organ.

I hoped I look like a man  
They took my picture,
Took my thumb print,
Took some saliva,
Took a blood sample,
Took hair and nail clippings

Took the picture of both eyes.
But the eye picture machine was broken!
The DMV girl used the last person’s eyes
on my license to survive, I mean to drive.

As I exited the prison, the guards
Frisked me
Scanned me.
Identified me!

I had a license to survive rather to drive.
I thought about the lovely girl,
Hoped she made it out alive
With her life and civil rights.

I searched the parking lots for the lovely girl.
Alas there were no signs of the lovely girl.
A close encounter botched by the state.
I feel lucky to have all my body parts on this date
Lucky to be able to go home in this state

The fortified facility, state DMV/hotel California.
Where you may never leave, may your stay be short,
Hopefully less than a day as a guest of the state.

Contrarily written!

Officially licensed to survive driver, state of California,
United States, planet Earth, Sol, Independent Star
(or is it still part of the old Confederation?)

©2008 Carl Watts


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