What I want to Accomplish this Lifetime.

I was approached by a clever lady, who for vested reasons,
Expressed interest in me, what I plan to do with my seasons.

It was a difficult question, called for some imagination.
The future can be vague, scary lacking proper representation.
I looked into the past and found only a dark mass
There had been high points to be sure but much morass.

The question of how am I doing came up
The answer came from within my own cup.

I am doing stellar, planning a poem,
a galaxy in my pocket
But while I’m expanding, I saw man contracting into a socket.
My enthusiasm ebbed, for but a moment, for I am a creator
My creation will drive and expand far beyond Earth’s equator.

So many drugs and suppression, fought clearly in this space
Fought due to lack of responsibility, lack of ownership by this race.
To create an ownership for the problem seemed the solution
But who to own such a task? Who’d take on the resolution?

There seemed to be but one creator at hand
A maker of gods of old, that creator of man.

My next poem will probably create a fearing
Suppressives surprised, their power disappearing.
So I must stay on post, my duty is clear
I have to create, a salvation of man is near.

All I need to do is own it all
That should handle the call.
So I’m going to start my next rhyme
A rhyme that will resonate all time.

Its power shall grow
No barriers shall it know.

Thank you for writing me a line
I am going to start my rhyme.

Carl Watts

©2008-©2015 Carl Watts www.carlwattsartist.com 01012009 031609 042015

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