What Is Ahead?

I've read several good quotes which talk about roads and forks. They are excellent as they give
one a pause and makes you think.

When you look down a road, that is not the future. If there's a fork, that is not the future.

The future is you
r decision and your action. It doesn't exist until you do it.

I believe, philosophically, that most normal quote miss the mark widely. They are not true to the
actual situation in this universe or in life.

The Past

At some point in the past, I realized that the past is gone. It is no longer there.

It is true we can recall or remember what happened but our memory or knowledge is not the actual

You can remember the cake you ate once when you were younger but that cake is gone.

When a person has all their attention on the past, they are less than sane. Perhaps you've noticed
some really old people that talk only about the past.

That serves to tell me that their attention is not here and now. They are living in the past and that
past is not here. It's gone.

The Present

When attention is on an upset that recently happened at home or in the office, that attention is not
on the road where the current action is. That attention is not on the work being done.

Living in the past makes one a liability in the presence. Not being here and doing what you're
ing with full attention, leads to mistakes and accidents.

It is possible to be much more in present time than the vast majority of the population is but that is
not part of this article.

The Future

This is the one where I think most of the quotes don't reflect the actuality of this universe.

The future doesn't exist except as we create it. Each decision molds the future a different way.

The future is blank and wide open to be created by anyone who intends it to be a certain way.

Technically, there is only present time. What you do now, creates a new present time and the old
is gone.


Many people expect the future to just appear on automatic. I can hear them now "the future has
always come no matter what I did!"

There seems to be some truth in that except doing nothing is a choice that creates a future, dull or
dead but a future.

When you want a better future, you take a little responsibility and make some decisions
that you
ant to happen and then take some action!

The future will be rolling out on your command!

Special Note

Have you known people who worrying about what might happen?

Do you think this might create a future?

Because they are indecisive, it doesn't actively create future. Nothing happens when you worry
about something and no future happens without action! Worrying is a complete waste of time!

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Creating a Future

Simply decide and do. I wrote an article, Drifting or Driving, which covers this nicely!

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