Who is This Man?

Who is This Man who Should Lead?
Is he a revolutionary leader of man?
A man promising “change” across the land?
A old hermit in hiding, taking his time, they’d have you think.
Refused by the good ole boys, allowing nothing printed

with their ink.

Do you want an Honest man indeed?
Do you want a man who wants you to keep your money?
Or do you want a man who plans to steal all your honey?
Should your man know how to count and keep some?
Or slip all your money to reward criminals and others loathsome?

How should your man lead?
Should your leader be paid for the good he’s accomplished?
Or should he set his pay be based on who was his accomplice?
Should the honest man be allowed to protect his family,

home and name?
Or should the only people who are allowed to do this be the
criminal and insane?

How should your man vote?
Do you want to have your life run by men who can’t run their own?
Or do you want to control your destiny, your life and home?
Surely you are in favor of death, destruction and endless war!
Of course the targets are vague, everywhere,

like the eternal whore!

Who is this man, a bringer of hope?
Do you want to have rights, freedom, and a bright future for man?
Or do you want restriction, threats,

and darkness crushing the land?
Should your white Knight keep robbing the poor

and give to the richest,
Should your white Knight keep pushing for killing for his vested

Who is this man of character, no dope?
Who is the man that will not let others stray from following

the rules?
Who is the wise leader with character cleaner than

the crown jewels?
Your very life, freedom is guaranteed by the US Constitution,
he has supported it, kept it from being scrapped,

worked to stop night’s fall.
Who is this man who has proven by his actions,
clearly is to trying to preserve our rights, our way of life?
This man, no one else, is
Ron Paul.

©2009 Carl Watts

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