Why do Cats Fight?

Since I have two wonderful young cats that fight sometimes that makes me an expert!

Did I mention they are both feral females? We got Bella and another kitty sometime ago. The other
kitty went on a walk about and never came home.

So we got another
feral kitten. We named her Jade.

At first I didn't think Jade was going to make the grade as a family member. They made terrible
noises at each other and I was sure death would result once they were allowed freely in the same

Needless to say, as I'm a very calming influence, they both settled down.

Sometimes their play fighting looks very vicious but they don't draw blood. Though I'm sure I
missed a couple knock outs from the force of their paw strikes against each other.

But enough of that.

Why Would Cats Fight?

First is territory. Cats “own” their areas. They insist on control of it and don't like unapproved

Once the issue of territory is settled, the potential of hunger exists. Assuming cats are well fed,
that should not be something to fight about.

Personally is another variable.  If the owners of the cats are sane and no one else has make the
cats insane, this should also resolve.

There are some cats that are simply insane. They don't get alone and it's really not worth the
effort to try to figure out why. Even if figured out, could it be corrected? I doubt it and is it worth the

I have observed insane owners that have insane pets. Sorry but some people drive other people
and animals insane.

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y Would Humans Fight?

My goodness, when I look, it is about the same reasons though
humans try to be complicated!

Humans can have territories. But humans are social and normally share territories even if only on
a temporary basis.

We usually don't fight over food unless there is starvation. Fortunately, food is usually available so
we don't have to kill each other over it.

The one thing that isn't covered in cat behavior is information. I assume cats have about the same
information being they are cats.

Humans are educated by parents, oppressive educational systems, and lying media. Humans

have all types of false data, lies, and prejudices “educated” into them.

So one human might have conflicting information. Thus having different information, you can
disagree and upset can occur.

Trouble Sources

People who wish to cause trouble between others, lie to both sides. I'll give an example.

There was an Aunt in the family some years ago. She was a first class trouble maker. She lied to
firs one of her brothers about the second brother. She then, lied to the second brother about the

Her two brothers hated each other for years.

Once day, they got together and asked each other about the situation. Both brothers realized they
had no problem with the other. The problem was with the lying sister. Wow, that was a bomb blast
that settle the family and left everyone knowing the true source of the family's longest lasting upset
was good ole Aunt Polly!

Internationally, someone who sells bombs and bullets will shoot up one side, the North, and blame
the other, the South. Later, the weapon manufacturer will bomb the South and plant evidence that
the North did it. So we have a war.

The weapons manufacturer rubs his palms together and counts his profits. This is called a false
flag. Unfortunately, our government uses this method of creating turmoil often.

So you can see how different information can create upsets, fights, wars. Look at our wars today,
all were created this way.


There were two girls very upset with each other and they both landed in my office. I was the
person that handled any problems. I did a brief investigation and found a third girl who was
running down each girl and crediting the other.

When this was realized, the upset immediately vanished. They didn't have a problem with each
other. The
ir problem was the lies created by the third girl.

So comparing information, getting true information known and shared will create agreement and

They only time this doesn't work is when one or the other person is insane.

Insane people do not respond to logic.

When settling upsets, resolving fights, even wars, you must get the lies off the table and get true
data known. Most people are sane and things will resolve.

The reason peace talks are a waste of time is both sides have pockets
full of lies they believe are
true about the other side. Often the person, negotiating peace, doesn't want peace. War is
profitable and many “peace makers” are criminals taking pay from the military industrial complex.

By watching each side, you can see who is not responding to logic and true data. When
discovered, you need to get someone else to represent that person's group in order to resolve the

If it's two individuals and one is insane, the sane one needs to realize this and step away as best
as possible as there's no good solution involving an insane person. Cut the losses and move

If all efforts are made to resolve an upset between friends, call it quits and find a new friend.

In business or marriage, the same applies. Always exhaust all efforts to salvage the relationship. I
suggest you get a third person involved to mediate the upset.

When People Share Information Fully, Sanely, There is
NO Reason to Fight.
There can be Peace.

Life best survives when working in coordination with life, not fighting each other!

Directly applicable to these type situations is:

If you need gentle assistance, contact me.
I am trained in resolving conflicts very successfully.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly
what I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. A little true knowledge can
go a long way. I do not ask that you believe anything!

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!”
Quoting myself :-)

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