You Only Live Once?

That is a phrase that is very common at this time in the Western world.

It is not so common in the Eastern world. There are a great many religions
that believe the spirit does not perish with the death of a body.

Bridey Murphy

A few years ago, there was the case of  Bridey Murphy that gained a lots of

Even today, there are people who can remember earlier than this life without
the dangerous aspects of being hypnotized.

I asked a question, I believe it was, “What were you doing 200 years ago?”  
One of my followers had a clear answer.

I suspect many people remember earlier times but brush it off as unreal.
Naturally, you don't want to be in disagreement with everyone around you!

My Children

When we moved to Los Angeles, we were driving into town on Interstate 10.
Mitchell, my son, who was about 2 years old.

Suddenly very alertly, he asked if we were going to visit Jerry. I asked where
does he live. Mitchell pointed North.

I'm sure he were recalling a friend he knew before being born as my son.

Three of my four daughters have mentioned last life experiences. I believe
they were recalling earlier times. I received their information as a matter of
fact. They were not lying nor making thing up to entertain daddy!

Their deceased mother told me about being a man in Chicago before being
born. She had been shot. She explained when the family moved out to the
Los Angeles area, she was disappointed.  As a new born, she wanted to get
back to the person who shot her.  She meant to do no good!

Religion and Control

Religion has been used to control man for a long time. Basically they
explained to man, that if death wasn't enough punishment to make you
follow their rules, they'd get you again after death.

There are positive aspects to religions. Though far too many deliver the
message you are not responsible and you have no power.

I wrote an entertaining story in about 1980 that relates to this. You might
Outside the Church.

I disagree strongly with most religions. I believe you are responsible and you
are also powerful beyond belief!

Convincing you that you only live once, is a method of controlling you,
keeping you down. It is a lie.

Belief versus Fact

I'm not asking you to believe me. I'm not saying your religious belief is not

Anyone is free to believe anything they wish.

Belief doesn't change facts.


Basically you are good. Regardless of your screw ups! I wrote an article on
You Are Right.

You are also Immortal. Regardless of your memory or lack of, it is truth. Even
if that is scary, it is true.

What you do or fail to do today will effect your future. When your body dies,
and it seems they all do, you will be right back on the block very shortly
there after.

The Atheist

It is difficult to include them as the official/unofficial definitions of the word
seem to conflict each other.

If an atheist doesn't believe in a god, to me this says they do not believe in
their own spiritual nature. That would be a block to regaining knowledge of
their own immortality in my opinion.

I may not be correct.

But an immortal being certainly had god like qualities. Gods are immortal
according to definition. God is a synonym to Immortal.

There are solutions.

View the video below. Pursue the knowledge contained there or don't.

What is true for you is truth. Don't let anything change your views or belief.
Feel free to change them yourself if you so see fit to do that.

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What Does an Immortal have to Fear?

If you need assistance, contact me.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly

what I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. I have no products that
you need to buy to get better. A little true knowledge can go a long way. I also do not ask that
you believe anything!

You are worthy of help as I know you have already helped many others and life probably owes

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!” Quoting myself :-)

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