I promote hope and good will. I promote art,
    artists, nutrition and health! I promote increased
    global communications via Twitter!

I am a
Certified Health Coach and LiifeGuard Affiliate.

I have campaigns running to assist my intentions:

"New Civilization" is my efforts to create a group to help promote positive change
across the globe.
Read More!

"#AwesomeTeam Defined" is the definition of the group, to clear up any confusions
about it so we can create a
New Civilization! Read More!

Nutrition Response Testing! I studied this in 2007 so I could understand the
technology. I use it to test my wife and family to help them with their health.

Health Coach. I am certified.  If you've tried everything to handle a health situation and
you still have it, contact me. Perhaps I can help. No charge. Donations of course will be
accepted to I can continue helping others.

I recently wrote this article because so many people have been ill for long periods of
Chemtrails, Radiation, Fluoride, Toxins...How to Survive!...click to

I'm a grandfather, 12 times so far! I'm happily married to
Mary Watts! Click to see a
collage of family pictures!

12/31/08 I have a new idea. Writing the poem "
Untying of Attention Units" was difficult
because it was subject specific.

I feel my poems must align with truth. This poem did. I pulled it off in an artistic manner
and have gotten very good reviews. If anyone has a business and would like a poem
custom written to your industry or business, contact me. My rates are variable and as I
become famous, they will be going up! So contact me early! Have a perfectly awesome
New Year! Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any manner!

11/12/08 For the past three and a half years, I have most often worked with
WSI, my
son's company. Mitchell is a General Contractor and an artist. See some
his works
here. We can handle anything. WSI does remodeling including technically difficult
hillside foundations and reinforcements, stunningly beautiful additions, and the most
marvelous custom construction!  J
une 2017, I am pretty much retired from working for
Mitch and I no longer
take new clients for handyman jobs.

Contact me, Carl, at 818-400-2035. My daughter calls me the "Can-do Man" because I
can do it. I am selective about construction or handyman jobs I'm willing to take.

I spend my free time working on Twitter posting
nutritional articles and pro-survival

I am an affiliate for the following companies and more:  Amazon.com.

About my site and it's history:

In March, 2006, I set up this site.

I wanted to introduce my art, both rustic and fine. I have coined a term "Exoticwood Art"
where I use exotic wood to form art.

On 30 May, 2006, I started expanding my website to promote any artist and their art in
any field of art. I want to promote art, both yours and mine!

So CARLWATTSARTIST.COM was created to share the art created by myself and my
family and now expanded to share the arts of others.

By the way, the
exotic woods, you will see used in my art, have no stain or color added
beyond sealing with lacquer, varnish, polyurethane or being oiled with tung or danish oil
or other similar products (unless requested or a special project requires coloration).

To find out what I'm working on currently, click on UPDATES

This website is a work still in progress. I'm creating it myself. (It's now four years later,
I'm still creating the site. It's huge and has a tremendous amount of data and art. 2/28/10)

A little History:

In the past I have constructed many artistic household items for my family. There is a
uniqueness to these things as they are individually constructed not for cost but for use,
beauty and endurance. They are durable and aesthetic. Sometimes they are rustic and
sometimes they are exotic but always custom designed.

In late 2005, I started making
art pieces from exotic wood and picture frames for my
family.  They created a big impact with aesthetics. This is "Exoticwood Art."

In 2006, the rustic
"Stakebed Collection" was completed. A new series using exotic
ood, the "Box Collection," was started in March 2006 and continues as I am
commissioned. Other collections have been added:
"Tray and Coaster Collection"   and
Boards/Blocks/Tables. These are aesthetic, beautiful custom pieces. Each is
handcrafted, unique and branded.

In July 2006, I added a
"Stories Page." It is linked to some stories I've written. I would
love some feedback on this and future stories!  Later, I added an "
Updates & General
Communication Page" to keep viewers up-to-date on what I am doing as sometimes, I
don't have a current art project.

People have come to our small shop where I make the
Exoticwood Art pieces and
exotic wood frames. Every person who has seen my work has been visibly impressed.

Normally, the
exotic woods used have no stain or color added beyond sealing with
lacquer, varnish, polyurethane or being oiled with tung or danish oil or other similar

In September 2006, I added a section on
Clocks. They are made of exotic woods or
recycled woods. No two are alike!

Later I added a section on
Comment on the Times, Science and many more. Go to
Updates  for more.

So CARLWATTSARTIST.COM was created to share the art created by myself and my
family and to make it and other items
available to others. Please go to Contact
Us/Guest Register and give us your email address. Also, if you would forward this to any
of your friends you think might like to look our site over, please do so. Your feedback is
extremely important to me.

My art pieces can be reproduced by me to some degree and maybe
custom ordered
though no two pieces will ever be the same.

It is truly hoped that our creations create a pleasing effect and make your day a little
brighter and possibly make your life better.

I would also like to include a bit of information about my son, Mitchell.

His art recently has been done mainly in metal. You must see the collection I have
displayed. I call it
Mitchafied Metal Art. Click here to view.

I live in Tujunga, CA. I can be reached by feed back or 818-400-2035.

I normally will not pick up "so leave me a message, maybe I'll call :-)"
Click here to
contact me. Normally the fastest way to reach me is @Poet_Carl_Watts on Twitter!

Carl Watts
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