From Mary:

    I was recently divorced and not really that excited about dating again.  I
    was nervous, out of practice, and downright scared!  I Thought, "Okay, I
    need to just do this."  

    At first, I was skeptical about using an online dating service. I thought
    only a loser would use such a service, but several friends assured me it
    was the right thing to do. I signed up for several and checked them out.
    I definitely liked many features of Affinity Exchange, determined it was
    the best site, and used it regularly. I especially appreciated Marcia's hat
    write up on how to communicate and meet with someone for the first
    time, and how to take it from there.  

    Somehow I kept hooking up with guys quite a distance away.  I was in a
    circumstance where I could not travel, so that didn't work out too well.
    Marcia encouraged me to try harder to meet local people.  But I was at
    a point where I was ready to give up on dating. I was really busy and
    doing well in life, so I decided to put finding a relationship on hold for a
    while. I told Marcia about my decision and she acknowledged me
    appropriately and encouraged me to "go shopping" on the site from time
    to time--just for kicks. Well, I "went shopping" later that night and saw a
    picture of a guy who looked like a nice person. I quickly read the profile,
    and then printed it off to look it over further in the future. This man
    looked very interesting to me, but since I was "just shopping" and not
    really looking, I decided to think about it before communicating to him.  

    Turns out he noticed that I had looked at his profile and sent me an
    email. Over the next three days we emailed back and forth several
    times and decided to meet for coffee. It was the recommended "safe
    meeting" in a public place for a short period of time. What the heck--at
    least it would get the flow going! :)  

    I met Carl at Starbucks on the way to work one day. He was a very nice
    guy and I really liked talking to him. We decided to meet a couple of
    days later. We went to dinner and talked for quite some time. I really
    liked him but I was going to be smart--I sure as heck wasn't going to
    jump into anything! But I really liked him....  During dinner he told me up
    front that he was dating lots of different people, and I told him I thought
    that was a really good idea. I told him he should date everyone he
    wanted to until he found just the right person for him. I told him I thought
    it was really important to be with someone you really want to be with.
    He agreed. When the evening ended, he kissed me good night and told
    he'd like to go out again sometime soon and that he'd call me. Okay...

    He called me the next day and told me he had cancelled a coffee date
    with one lady and a dinner date with another. I thought, "Okay, here it
    comes--he's going to cancel going out with me."  But then he told me he
    was canceling these other dates because he had decided he wanted to
    date me exclusively. He had suspended his profiles on the dating sites
    he was using. That was exciting, but I was gonna be the cool one. I told
    him I was very flattered but I wasn't going to make any decisions quite
    so fast. He put no pressure on me at all and said he understood and
    could we go out again that night? To make a long story short, we got
    together for a while every night that week, and we texted and called and
    emailed each other all day and night when we weren't together.  By the
    end of the week we decided to get married. (He says it was only three

    We got married on September 7th, and we are living happily ever after!
    Our future is so bright and we are sooooo happy. Our dynamics are
    completely aligned and we have a great family. I had always wanted a
    big family but never had one of my own. Carl has five children and
    seven grandchildren, and now we have added an eighth grandchild!
    (6/19/10 it's up to 11 currently)  It is just awesome. I had kind of lost hope on
    finding a happy relationship, but I have definitely met the man of my
    dreams. It is exactly as I always thought it should be.

    Thank you Marcia for helping me meet my lifelong partner. We are both
    very happy!

From Carl:  

    After my wife passed away, I realized very quickly that I didn't like not
    having a wife, so I started to put out communication lines to anyone and
    everyone I knew that was single. I went onto an on line dating service
    connected to my webmail service and very quickly located a lady who I
    dated a few times--but I knew she wasn't the correct person for me. One
    of my daughters asked me if I was looking in the right place to find the
    right woman for me. I realized I wasn't and immediately signed up for
    The Affinity Exchange.

    I put out many communications, looked at, and emailed many ladies. I
    estimate that I communicated to some extent with over one hundred
    different ladies. It worked. I got return emails and started talking to
    several on the phone. Then I realized I needed to crystallize my
    thoughts on exactly what I was looking for in a woman--a woman I
    meant to be with me forever--so I wrote up a list of qualities and

    One of the ladies I was talking to met me for coffee at a local coffee
    shop. It was very pleasant talking to her. She was very cheerful--smiled
    a lot and laughed easily. We decided to go to dinner a couple days
    later. Dinner was enjoyable, and afterwards I drove her to my home and
    introduced her to my family, some of whom she actually already knew
    from her work. She was perfect. I met her the next several nights at a
    friend's home where she was checking on and feeding a cat while they
    were out of town. We walked and talked.

    It's my view that a relationship is a caused situation, so I decided to
    cause a permanent relationship with Mary. I discussed this with her and
    handled her concerns. She laughed and she cried and then agreed to
    get married. The only question was when, as I wanted to allow my
    family time to get over their mom passing away and time to get used to
    a new woman in dad's life.  

    Our relationship grew stronger and better the more we were together.
    When Mary had a chance to go visit her family in Kentucky, I decided
    we should go together and also visit my family in North Carolina. We
    decided to get married before we left so our relationship would be clear.

    We got the license, and on Friday night after work, a friend of ours
    married us in another friend's backyard with another six or so friends in
    attendance. Although the marriage was rushed due to the trip, we have
    no regrets as we have been very happy with our decision and our

    Seven months have now passed since I met Mary, and we have not had
    a single cross word or upset between us. (Update 11/27/08, 1/11/09, 4/1/09,
    5/4/09, 11/2/09. 6/19/10. This is still a true statement after over 3 years now!) I
    know we are going to keep the love and warmth we have very high
    because we both have agreed that's the way it will be.

    09/06/12 Edit: Tomorrow will be our fifth year of marriage. I am very happy to
    have found Mary and to have been able to talk her into marriage. 05/07/15♥ :-)

    What the Affinity Exchange did for me was to provide rapid access to
    many single ladies so that I was able to rapidly get into communication.
    Had I done it the old fashioned way, having been married for 32 years
    and with all my friends being married, it would have taken a long time
    and I may never have met and married the perfect one, Mary.

    My family is fine with the marriage. Life is grand. Mary Andrews is my
    wife, now, Mary Watts. I like that.

    And we'll continue to live happily ever after!

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I am providing the information because the Affinity
helped me to resolve my personal problem
of becoming single due to the passing of my wife.
Please read our success story and see if this service
can help you. Sincerely and Very Happily Married,
Carl Watts I am not paid or compensated in any way
to tell you this. 09/07/12 will be our 5th anniversary!

"...I had kind of lost hope on finding a
happy relationship, but I have definitely
met the man of my dreams."
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