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I support an international holiday for the arts and artists of all disciplines and hope that you will do the same. It is
Art Day and was started in Glendale, California in 1998 by award-winning writer Becky Mate. It comes around
each year on the second Friday in August.

There are many ways to celebrate the culture and arts of a country, city or person.

I am extending my site for all artist to display their art of any type.

Here are some additional suggestions:

1. Hold an
Art Day party.

2. During July, write an
Art Day newsletter to family and friends to let them know your arts accomplishments since the
last Art Day. Enclose the newsletter in a card that wishes them Happy
Art Day!

3. Especially during July and the first week in August, promote the arts somehow. (Examples: wear piano key
suspenders or a musical note necklace, set an arts mug on your office desk, hang an arts poster in your window,
hang up happy/sad theatre masks where visitors will See it, etc.) Did you know that you get what you promote?

4. Ask your Mayor to proclaim the second Friday in August as
Art Day. (This will be Glendale's fifth year receiving a
proclamation by the Mayor, and plans are underway for proclamations in Burbank and Los Angeles.)

5. Encourage someone to buy your art To give as a gift for
Art Day.

6. Send a poem to someone you'd one day like To meet.

7. Give a child a gift of art or art supplies on
Art Day. A fun way to do this is to hold an Art Hunt (similar to an Easter
egg hunt.)

8. Attend a theatre performance or a gallery or go to a movie with family or friends.

9. You get the idea. Appreciate the arts and artists on
Art Day, for they are the cultural leaders of the world.

See the 2011 Art Day Theme!  Check out the poem "Art Day" written to help celebrate and make known Art Day!

For more information on ART DAY, Click here.
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