by Mary Jane Galyen

I had my servents carry my bed To the great room

Sunlight was streaming through the 60 foot tall windows
My 400 servants lined the walls and were sobbing properly

The women and girls of my family were at the foot of my bed weeping softly.
The men and boys of my family were standing straight and silent.

Today is a good day To die I said

The servents wailed To the rafters.

I called over my favorite great grand daughter Virginia the third
When I was your age I was the first woman in major league baseball  I won the world series for Las Angles against New Vork
I Thought it would be the greatest day of my life
But later in my life I became a writer and discovered the pure joy of creation.
I shall now die I said

I left my body and traveled at the speed of Thought past millions of Galaxies.

I found a nice one with a good star and a pretty planet.

I think in this life I shall be a man. A famous sports hero who marries a beautiful woman

Mr Beckham, the nurse said ,you have a healthy baby boy.

Good - I shall name him David.

By Mary Jane Galyen

(Editors Note: This is a terrible storey which should Not be read by anyone. I agreed To publish this nonsense To shame the author Mary Jane
Galyen. She should be ashamed and embarrassed and hide from others and never communicate again. There is no such thing as Infinity NO NO
NO. I am RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT - Signed by my hand- Tidy Verbatim THE EDITOR)
(Authors Note: Oh Panda Poop - Love MJG)

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