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Romance and  the Miracle of Chocolate Cake

Vanilla Ice Cream Please
I am on a diet just coffee please .

I am deeply in Love but I cheated
OK Tell me everything in detail  everything.

I am deeply in Love but I cheated
You said that already - now tell me the whole complete total story and don't lie

Well - When I first saw him I read his mind in detail - That is cheating isn't it?
NO - Almost all women can read a mans mind

Then I cast a spell on him and I made him Love me- That is cheating isn't it?

NO That is called being charming - Both woman and men cast those spells

Now I love him so very deeply it is a miracle. A real miracle
NO Love is Not a miracle. Jesus turning water into wine - now that was a miracle

Her Ice Cream suddenly went POP and turned into Chocolate Cake

Mmmmmm I love chocolate cake.
Hmmmmm We need To have a talk

Mary Sue Gamble  2007

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