Romance in a Very Short Story

I opened the door To the stone cottage walked in and dropped the poem on the kitchen table.

It was a good poem - short and fat.

"Arthur did you bring this poem home for dinner?"

"Yes Janie"

Arthur I can smell it. It smells like puppies barking in their dreams"

"Arthur that poem is alive!!! - It is LEAKING happiness all over the table -
The happiness is dripping onto the floor. Have you tried To get happiness stains
off the floor??????

I took the poem outside To clean it. Janie would put it in a pot with vegetables and then
pour in some of her love sonnets - It made a great meal.

Some times She would pour in too many Love sonnets and I would end up chasing her
around the table and She would giggle and laugh.

I had heard that same giggling for thousands of years and I still loved it.

Janie was growing two Novels in the garden, and poems and love sonnets on a vine with a few rows of
short stories and some limericks and jokes. She even had a row of puns.

I brought the poem back in and handed it To her. She put it in a pot and started adding the vegetables.

"Janie I saw a poem down by the river Today. It is fat with the love that a little girl has for her
Daddy and it makes the same sound as Sunshine on your hair. I will chase that poem down
for you and bring it home for dinner tomorrow"

Janie smiled at me and then poured a whole bottle of her love sonnets into the pot

Is Not eternity grand?

Patrick Nickolas Zara- 2007

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