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Sample of exotic hardwoods
This is an early sample of one
of the art pieces under
construction. The final product
is the next picture below.
enlarge click here.
exoticwood art piece abstract
custom built exoticwood art Mountains
Her Christmas scene needed a background so I built mountains for her. The village was
purchased and assembled by my wife. I told her it needed a back drop. So mountains were
created and made of all naturally colored hardwood. No stain or coloration beyond a
sealing coat was used.
To enlarge, click here.
In March 2005, my wife and I were on an Indian reservation. There was a tree standing on
a hill side off by it's self. I was inspired To create this again using only straight lines and
This piece is "The Tree" and was given as a gift To one of my artistic daughters
for her birthday.
I have a friend that likes wolves and collects images of wolves and wolf figures. I created this
as a gift for her. Notice the eyes. They are made of small pieces of a wood named
bloodwood. The face is made of "wenge" The body is made of wenge and walnut.
For a
large image, click here.
The above three pieces were all done in late 2005. Click on the picture To enlarge and get more data.
I was inspired To try doing an ocean wave.
It's been pointed out To me that using
carved wood would show the idea better
and maybe I'll try that in the future but my
challenge was To create the curved image
of water using only straight lines and angles
created by the combination of them. This
piece is entitled "The Wave".
To enlarge,
click here.
The above is a piece I made in
September 2006.
Click here or on the
photo To See enlargements and other
Oak Christmas tree abstract art piece
There are more specific sections that contain art. Be sure To See Cutting Boards, Clocks, "The Tray and
Coaster Collection,"   "The Box Collection,"  "The International Bench,"  "The Stakebed Collection," and
"Mitchafied Metal Art." Click on the one you wish To view.
mahogany light box art piece
A custom ordered light box
designed To display the
glass sculpture.

Click To See enlarged.
exotic wood art being constructed
To the right is a group of wood
click To enlarge!
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