This piece is both art and useful. It was
constructed using an existing piece of
marble removed from an old stand built
by my son many years ago and placed
into a mahogany frame. It was built with
loving care for my daughter-in-law as a
gift for Christmas 2005.
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This is an early Woodart frame. It is trimmed in mahogany and supports
tile work. It shows a picture of my one and only granddaughter,
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This art piece, To the right, was requested by my daughter
in law, Dynnel, for Christmas, 2005. It displays a
tile by Mel.

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The three pieces To
the left were made To
tiles by Mel.  

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There are more specific sections that contain art. Be sure To See Cutting Boards, Clocks, "The
Tray and Coaster Collection,"   "The Box Collection,"  "The International Bench,"  "The Stakebed
Collection," and "Mitchafied Metal Art." Click on the one you wish To view.
The above four are art pieces done in late 2005 or early 2006. The second piece was given To my Mother for
Mother's Day 2006 and the fourth was given To my son, Mitch. Click on any that you would like To See enlarged.
Art Pieces Page Two
This piece I have given a name, "The Walled City." I was inspired To do this after
seeing some of the art pieces done by the Delphi Academy's Elementary Class in
September 2006.

Click on here for more information on

Click here To See the art pieces done by the children.

Click here To See enlargements and another angle on "
The Walled City."
Exoticwood Art, abstract
The piece To the right was done after the Delphi students did their pieces. I had cut some
triangles for them To work on but no one selected these. So I decided To use a couple and
do a piece using two of the triangles put together. I hope you enjoy it. By the way this piece
is Not available, my wife claimed it for her office! Click on the picture To See enlargements.
The above are a few of the clocks. Click here To go the Clocks or if you just wish
To See one of these enlarged, click on that clock.
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