orange wood. The first photo is of the body of the game board. The next is of the unfinished wood. The last picture is the
board with a sealer coat on it.
The squares are about 1.25 inches. Overall, it is about 10 inches square.

I added trim around this and small trays at each end. On one end the tray is Wenge and on the other it is Paduak. You can
see this in the second and third photos.

I'll be making checkers for this unless I find someone who is willing to make chess pieces for me. So if you know someone
who will take the challenge,
Contact Me.

I finished another tray made basically from scrap from a job I did for a client. Click here to see the work as it progressed.

There is yet
another tray being created. It will be made of Zebrawood and will be a gift for a lady that I did some work for as a
house warming gift.
Check it out!

To see other recent projects: Click here to see the Trays.  Click here to see the mailbox.  Click here to see the
chopping boards.  Click here to see the Mahogany table.

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