This cutting board was made more or less at
the custom order of a dear friend and
daughter of mine. There are more photos that
show the handle area.
Click here for to see
more photos.
This is  the page on Cutting Boards and in the future Chopping tables.

Each will be custom made to order. Choice of size and woods can be specified.

Most of the boards below are created using Maple and Walnut. The checks are about 1.5 inches. The thickness of the board is
about  the same.  The boards are finished only with mineral oil which is food safe.

One thing you may find interesting is that the wood you see here is all the ends of the grain meaning, you are looking at the
end of each piece, not the sides. So when cut upon, there is the least possible splintering. Cutting on these will have little, if
any, impact!

Here is what one person said about a cutting board:

"I received one of your cutting boards from my mother as a gift and I just wanted to say how impressed I am. The
craftsmanship is terrific. You can sense right away that what you are doing with these woods is a lost art in todays production
line assembly. I cherish the craftsmanship so much that I would not want to damage it by actually cutting on it, and yet at the
same time it is that construction competence that reassures me that it will fulfill it's purpose. Thank you."
The above smaller, and also shown on the left,
was given to my wife. I added a handle.
Click here
to enlarge.

You will notice there is no wear evident. I have
been using it daily since it came home and the
knife just isn't doing any damage!
To the left is a board made of
various exotic woods.
Click here to
enlarge and see additional photos.

On the right is an Oak and Maple
board given to a client as a house
warming gift.
Click here to enlarge.
"Art by Carl"
Cutting Boards
This Cutting Board measures 19 inches by 29 inches. It is made out of Walnut and Maple. Click here to see more and larger
photos! The second group to the right were the first boards I made.
The cutting board to the right and below is different. Wood often has natural flaws in it from
limbs, damage and other causes. This board has several of these. Personally, I love the knots
and extreme grain lines. It give the wood character. Since there is so much character in this
cutting board, I used a piece of Maple that still has some of the inner bark left on it. For normal
purposes, this Maple is scrap. You can see this to the right. Below are pictures of both sides of
the same board.

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