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(Testimonial regarding results from Clayton Health Center services)  

Pain in the thumb and aluminum*

This is a miracle!

I came to Clayton Health Center with a continuous, extreme buring sensation in the pad of my thumb and a sharp pain in the
thumb joint. Dr. Cindy had been treating my body for other situations which were all responding to her care. But this Pain!
On my gosh!

She tested me
(Nutrition Response Testing) and found high aluminum and started treating me for that. She adjusted my thumb
and—sit down—here’s the miracle—within a couple of hours, the whole pain of burning and sharp pain went away! Totally!

I am so appreciative of the perfect cure and high interest in my health and welfare from this group—and Dr. Cindy works

I follow her instructions. I know what she does works, if I do that.

Thanks Cindy and Staff.

Goldie Goldwasser
7/21/08 Los Angeles, CA

Aluminum is toxic to the body and can be detected by Nutrition Response Testing and handled with proper supplements!

Nutrition Response Testing is available at Dr. Clayton's office in Los Angeles, phone: 323-668-2639

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