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(Testimonial regarding results from Clayton Health Center services)  

"Sunny Day Spray!"*

“I am very susceptible to heat and get foot cramps till I get my potassium and salt adjusted to the right

One day, it was really hot, I had a painful foot cramp going on, took a double dose of potassium, salt,
cell salts in desperation.  I picked up the Sunny Day6 Spray and sprayed my face, arms, stomach,
legs and feet. Within SECONDS the foot cramp ceased!  Thank you, Dr. Cindy for this instant relief

Goldie Goldwasser
7/21/08 Los Angeles, CA

"Sunny Day Spray" is available at Dr. Clayton's office in Los Angeles, phone: 323-668-2639

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*"Helps Handle "Summer Symptons" such as heat exhaustion, tiredness or headaches"
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