"Art by Carl"
Construction Details for
Recycled Crate Wood Frames

I endorse the following for common sense answers to the problems of life:

The Way to Happiness                                                Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)

Narconon (for drug rehabilitation that works)                                 Applied Scholastics International

Delphi Academy Los Angeles                                       Delphi Academy Santa Monica

"Criminon - effective criminal rehabilitation through restoring self-respect"

Success Tutoring                                 Dr Anita Mary Pepi

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This frame is glued together and finish
staples are used to attach the reinforcement
boards to the back.

The frame is finished with Varathane.

The hanger is a steel retainer ring that is
attached with wood screws.

The clips to hold the glass and cardboard
backing have not been attached to this frame
I create custom frames to order. In June 2006 I was commissioned to make a frame. I did the frame to
display a four by five foot print. I made the frame and a collapsible stand out of Mahogany. It is beautiful.

I have been commissioned to make many other frames out of various exotic woods and using Exoticwood

Contact me to get your unique frame!
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