Prop 8

I've been following the protest about Prop 8 mildly as an unimportant issue.

There are errors here.

Laws do not create marriages. Laws do not end marriages. People do these things. I haven't
observed god in court either unless he thinks he's one of the attorneys
or judges.

States give marriage licenses for taxation and tracking purposes. Why else do they care
unless there is money involved?

Churches have traditionally been involved as man has sought agreement from higher forces,
rightly or wrongly. I've never observed any god stopping a marriage or starting one either.
Preachers like to claim they do marriages but they only say the words, only sign the papers.

The couple makes the marriage and creates the future.

Next, the "Gays" and "Lesbians" can not marry simply because marriage is a union between a
man and a woman as husband and wife. There is a common sense reason for this. The m
product of marriage is children and stability of the environment for the child to grow up in

healthy environment normal environment is conducive of a continuance of mankind. Were
this not true man would vanish. No family, no happiness...

Neither Gays nor Lesbians currently produce children and never will do so naturally.
Additionally, their "unions" are on average far shorter and less stable than real marriages are.
Prove me wrong on a broad scale, you will not.

Why do same sex partners care if their relationship is recognized as legal by the state? They
already have the state benefits, taxes, medical and such.

There must be other less commonly known reasons such as the promotion of acceptance of
non-productive relationships on a broader basis

Why the
government approval of such an unnatural relationship is desired makes me suspect
a general effort to degrade the nation

I see it as an attempt to force acceptance when it is not acceptable to the majority of men
and women.

Because such relationships are not normal, it is not discrimination to fail to grant legal
approval where it's not needed and would be wrong. A law making it illegal is equally wrong
because of no need.

overnment is not welcome where there is no need and should stay out of people's personal
lives. It is common knowledge, observable knowledge that government messes up what it
becomes involved in.

If people want relationships, they may have them and this should be a private matter and not
a public matter.
Relationships are a personal choice that doesn't require state approval. It
requires only the approval of the people involved, only their agreement. They only need to
answer to themselves and their sense of rightness or wrongness, their friends, their family.
They wont go to hell over it and they wont go to heaven over it either. They are already there,
for both are merely a state of mind.

For this type relationship to be right, it would need to increase the survival of the individuals,
the community at large and mankind.  If it doesn't forward the survival of the majority, it should
be viewed as wrong. If it is successful, lasting and productive, it doesn't need the blessing of
the state or church, for it is good.

These are my personal opinions.

By Carlos Alien
(Carlos can be reached by sending comments to this website.)

See his follow up article Civil Rights or Civil Righteous

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