Stop a Recession in its Tracks By Christine Kane

    Well, it happened last week.  Totally out of the blue.  A full-throttle blindsided moment.  I got
    hooked.  There I was.  Minding my own business.  And I heard a news report.  That's all it took.  I
    was standing in line somewhere.  And words like 'tumble,' 'fall-out,' 'shortage,' 'crisis,' and
    'downturn' rushed at me like Talladega.

And I'll admit it.  For a little while, I shrank.  I contracted.  I sucked the air into my lungs and breathed small because,
after all, even air was feeling scarce.  'Be scared!' I could hear my head shrieking. 'Fire the cleaning lady!  Cancel
your travel!  Get your money back on the workshop you signed up for!  Hide away!  Get yours!  Hold on tight!'

Luckily, my wise self knows some things.  And she stepped in pretty damn fast.  Here's what she said.  I thought I'd
share it with you as you begin the week.

You can choose to participate in a recession or not. You are a point of power in this game.  Even if the whole world
agrees that everything is in a free-fall, you can still expand.  You can still generate and regenerate.  You can still
create and create again.  This is wealth.

When you live consciously, then you are no longer a part of the mainstream thoughts - the caterpillar pillar.  You no
longer look to anyone or anything outside of you to define your reality.  You choose that for yourself now.  
Remember?  You define abundance.  You decide whether or not to shrink or expand.  You choose whether or not to
participate in this line of thinking.  This is wealth.

Either way, you're going to eat food.  Either way, you're going to buy gas and go perform and teach and share your
soul.  Either way, you're going to wake up each day, and decide that it's going to be a great day.

So, don't fire the cleaning lady.  Pay her extra.  Don't look at the numbers as you fill your gas tank.  Decide to have
more than enough.  And then look at the sky and smile at the satellites.

Don't shrink and hide your light.  Shine brighter and share yourself with people.   Don't deny yourself joy and delight.  
Buy a reckless bouquet of flowers for your coffee table.  Don't lock yourself up in your house.  Invest in yourself and
go to the workshop.  You create flow.  You generate wealth.  Your choice to expand will always lead to greater

Be very very clear that you are the point of power in your life, and that there's no such thing as recessions where you
live.  By the time she was through talking, the recession had ended.  I stopped it in its tracks.

Won't you join me?  

By Christine Kane, Singer-Songwriter.

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