Well, let’s look at a theory. A theory is an idea not supported by fact. It’s unproven for the sake of argument.

Now, let’s take the Big Bang Theory.

It is a valid theory! So let me ask a few questions! What was before the Big Bang? Where did the stuff come from and went bang?
When did the Big Bang happen?

Was the earth still flat? What good is the Big Bang theory? How has it helped us? What can we do with it? Why advance a theory that
apparently only has a value as a conversation topic amongst those with nothing better to do?

The Big Leak Theory

I’d like to advance my own scientific theory on how the universe came into existence: The Big Leak Theory!

Recently the scientific world has credited the conclusion that there are holes in space! Based on this, I’m announcing the Big Leak

Long ago, when the world was still flat, the earth being incomplete, it left a big hole in space.  Where the rest of the world should have
been was a big hole! You can’t find it now as it’s been agreed now that the world is no longer flat but is now round.

But back when the scientific world all agreed to the theory the world was flat there was a big hole where not there is earth.

This big hole left by the flat world leaked much of the universe. It came from the other side of space. But the hole was open for a long
time and the universe flow back and forth and settled in with half the universe on one side of space and half the universe on the other
side. These two halves of the universe are separated by the space that had the hole in it but now had been patch up or filled by the earth
filling out and clogging the hole in space.

Holes in space are thought to be rare. I’ve tried to put my finger through space and nothing happens. I’ve looked under the bed and have
not found any holes in space.

But I’ve heard that if you look into the eyes of a physicist you will most certainly fine holes in space. The holes are right beside the theory
of the big bang.

Caution: listening to scientist with hole in space in their heads can be hazardous to your health. None of these scientists are responsible
for their theories or the destruction they bring because of the holes in their heads. Everyone know that!

I invite comments on scientific theories not based on observation.

I’m actively looking for theories on gravity. No theory would be too far fetched to be considered. I figure the guys with the holes in their
heads don’t have a chance in" you know what" of discovering how to control gravity because the vested interest of “energy world” is
against it and against all alternative energy sources.

Carl Watts

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