The Citizen and The Police, Good News

Recently I wrote a “Comment On the Times” article entitled “Police and the
Citizen.” In this article, I pointed out abuse by the Police and a failure to
observe the true situation.

I submitted this to several editors and one wrote me back a very interesting
comment. “The Paper is trying to put together a good image of our
enforcement personnel.”  He also expresses that the paper wants to show
both sides of the coin and wanted to know how to locate the pictures I had

I wrote him back with the picture information. I also let him know “That I
value the police! They are a necessity but anything can go too far and
needs moderation. I actually would like to see lots of promotion on their
good deeds.”

So I want to relay some experiences to make good on this viewpoint.

Good News

A friend of mine told me about an incident involving the police that happen
a couple years ago.

Here’s his story.

“I was in downtown, a warehouse on skid row,  at a party until the early
hours of the morning. The people I came with left me there.

“I consumed a fair amount of alcohol and just thought I would walk so I took

“Soon, I realized I was lost and probably still far from home. I was stepping
over sleeping bums and some guy was following me. I was scared.

“I saw a patrol car and waived the officer over to me.

“He could have arrested me for public drunkenness or just given me
directions on which direction to walk.

“Instead, he said get in and asked me where I lived. I experienced a big

"The drive took 45 minutes. We told jokes and I was home. I really
appreciated the kindness of the officer as he went out of his way to help

Another Good Story

Another friend of mine was getting threatening calls at his home and office.
These calls were frequent and very disturbing. They were regarding a
business matter that the person was unhappy about even though he had
created the matter himself.

The fact the person knew where my friend and his wife lived, not in the
same city as his office, was frightening.

When he informed the Glendale Police of the threats, they took immediate
action to tap the office phone lines and soon had the person in custody!

This was a huge relief to my friend and certainly raised his appreciation of
the Glendale Police Department.

Vagrants and Safety

Another time, very recently, I observed a pretty good size crowd in front of
the library. Two people were arguing loudly.

Most of the people watching this appeared to have been there all morning
and in fact I had noticed a group of vagrants there routinely.

It’s not that they don’t have a right to occupy public property, they do make
the area less than aesthetic and slightly dangerous possibly to women and

I noticed a patrol car arrive and many of the on lookers took off in all

I commented on this to one of the officers and he agreed.

An additional observation, the vagrants stayed away for a while before they
slowly started to gather again over the next few days. Apparently, the police
need to go there every couple days to help keep the area safe.

Those with a real reason to be there will not leave nor be offended. Those
who have no reason to be there, other than who knows what, will leave,
possibly because they are wanted, illegal, or are conducting illegal


Personally, I’d like to thank our men and women who help keep the peace.
Their function, today in this society, is vital.

Comments are welcome. Also, sent in your story about the police.

Carl Watts

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©2008 Carl Watts 011015
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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