Feeding The People Fish Versus Teaching Them Financial Knowledge So They Can Secure Their Future.

An article, in January 2008, stated the federal government was going to give tax rebates as a way to end the recession.

Another article, late February 2008, said they were going to send out letters so that people will get money under a
$168 Billion dollar
economic stimulus plan. Click on to see opinions on this.

Apparently the federal government and politicians have never heard the following quote:

“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”—Author

Or perhaps they have and wish to continue to have the population needing government support to live.

I felt it necessary to revise this today, Jan 2, 2009. It is very clear their plan failed. Yet the elected officials ignored the public and
continued to give money to criminally inefficient businesses most owned by them and their bed buddies.

Social Security is going broke, per the letter I received from them earlier this year. Click on Social Security for more data.

According to another article in February 2008, the
US Commerce Department announced the rate of savings in the United States was a
negative 1%. This means that more savings is being taken out than are being put in for the future. Click on
US Commerce Department
to see their graph.

Credit Card usage is partially to blame according to the same article. Click on Credit Card to see an expose on this problem.

Giving Billions of dollars to the public may make a few people’s day a bit better but
it will not change their life long habits of failing to
save and failing to plan for their future.

need to learn how to handle their own finances and how to secure their own future. Relying on the government will simply make
you a broke slave! Click here for more information.

May your future be bright!

Also, I'd like to recommend a book to help you: Sell to Survive by Grant Cardone. Listen to the
first chapter!
Click here to down load it for free!

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