There are two topics that I want to communicate to the public about and they are inter-related.

The economic situation in the world and in America is unstable.

Here is
Foxhall Global Outlook. Here is another view on the American Dollar. Both of these give an unhappy picture.  

I’ve been looking that the energy situation on Earth for many years. I’ve lived through gas shortage lines that were caused by politics
between the Middle East and the US.

I’ve seen the method of creating a shortage to raise prices used several times by first the Middle East on oil, by the sugar industry to
raise the price of sugar. Later the coffee industry developed a sudden shortage. The Mexican industry of Tequila pulled this stunt. In Los
Angeles, the Department of Water and Power increased the price of water until suddenly there was plenty of water at the higher price.

Enron blacked out huge parts of the nation to raise the price on electricity.

And I am sure the list of industries that intentionally created shortages to artificially force up prices is much longer than these few.
Updated 7/3/08: visit Dr Mercola's site to see his view point:
Oil Barons Continue to Rape the US Economy.

The real situation that is creating crushing problems is energy, oil, pricing. Inflated prices create hardships in a multiplying number of
ways. Of course these prices are also affected by the manipulation of money by the international bankers/wallstreet. These are the same
people that own the oil companies!

Take any product or service. For example, in construction, raw materials are shipped from one location to another to be manufactured
into to the lumber, nails, steel, cement, wiring and every other product a contractor uses. Of course the employees that produce the raw
materials are all suffering from higher cost products, fuel to get to where they work and have to make more money. The machines used
cost more. The fuel for the machines cost more.

Now the inflated price goods reach the wholesaler. The employees there are paying more for fuel, the materials, their food and they have
to make more money. The business is paying more for everything, so up goes the prices again.

In comes the contractor paying for higher fuel to go to work, inflated prices on materials and all his employees need more money to

The customer that wants the construction done must pay more for the renovations or expansion.  The customer has to charge his
customers more and so the cycle continues to mount.

Construction slows. Products all the way back on this chain slow. People are laid off work. Production slows even more with fewer
people able to purchase as much….

In Los Angeles, I go to the pump and buy my tank of
gas currently costing about $60.00 around 5 times a month: $300.00. Nationally, it
would be a bit less. Current gas here is $3.50 at the cheapest places I’ve found.
Updated 7/2/08, the cheapest I have found was $4.46!
Update 5/21/10, gas prices are being held down thought massive fiat money is being pumped into circulation. It is but a matter of time before gas
prices sky rocket. This will probably not happen until after the November elections as the crooks in office what to stay there!

Three years ago when I purchased my car, I was paying about the nationally gas was averaging 1.99 a gallon.

So cost of my fuel has jumped to almost double! It hurts as I get nothing extra for this. I have to make more money to pay for this!

There are other things going up but I believe that the cost of energy is going to cause a major problem in the near future and even the
countries making huge profits off oil will not be immune to real global crash.

There are possible solutions.

There is a stop-gap solution, that is to increase your gas mileage. Visit and research it for your self!

There are alternative fuels. Hydrogen is one. Electricity is another though unless produced by wind, solar, or other natural forces, it is
dependent on fossil fuel such as oil and coal.

There is another one yet.
Gravity. This one is free and will not likely explode!

Gravity is unlimited. There is no manufacturing cost (beyond the equipment to use it). It doesn’t have to be stored or transported. It can’t
be patented or gobbled up by the current Overlords of Energy.

Development of
gravity control will put the oil producing cartels almost totally out of business. We will still need lubricants and other oil
products but we will not be burning up billions of gallons of it to pollute the environment.

Power transmission lines will vanish. Electric companies will slowly vanish as power generation becomes an individual matter.

All these industries will have to evolve or vanish.

Hence there is a lot of POWER, VESTED INTEREST opposed to the type change. Personally, I suspect the control of
gravity has
already been figured out and the information suppressed.

Cold Fusion. 100 MPG. John Hutchinson. These subjects are controversial. The best way to say it didn’t work is to make a public
spectacle out of the inventor. This has been done to
many past inventors and their ideas. (On the 100 MPG, I suggest you check out the site!

I want to postulate (put forth and predict) some facts for handling the energy crisis for Earth:

 Gravity is controllable. (Anyone who says it can’t be is lying for the money produced by their current activities or livelihood. I would
love to hear why anyone thinks it can’t be done!)
Gravity is controllable with current technology. I suspect there are three different ways to control gravity using off the shelf
3.        The simplest way will be the best way of controlling
gravity .
4.        Control of
Gravity will provide unlimited power to run our planet.

I welcome help on this project. I have several theories and do not intend to share this with any government or corporation so that they can
suppress or monopolize this area.

Contact me if you would like.
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